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Happy Friday – Nordstrom Sale

Vacation Planning on Belle Belle Beauty

Let me preface that this isn’t a complaint, but this week has been weird. My best buddy and I discussed last night over wine that something must be going on with the planets – we immediately pulled up our horoscopes. It hasn’t been bad but I’ve felt this odd sort of self-awareness and awkwardness. So the plan for Saturday and Sunday is to hunker down and spend some time at my pool. It is hotter than ever here in Tulsa so likely it will be more like “time IN my pool”. And tonight I will be decompressing from the work week with some research for a vacation. I am due for a beach like the one above… seriously. And of course another review of the Nordstrom sale, which became available to everyone today. Here’s what I have my eye on:

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Wednesday On The Web

California Coast on Belle Belle Beauty

This month began with a trip to New York. And it ended with a visit to Chicago. I am not really a big city type of girl, so I am surprised that I visited two such meccas! Next trip will definitely be to California to see my beloved coast and friends. Sorry for the light post today – Mercury Retrograde has me in a bit of a cloud so I am regrouping this week. I don’t always believe in those things, but for some reason, the last couple of years they are always spot on. In the meanwhile, here are some links from around the web:

I admit I am guilty of “buck naked” and “wheelbarrel” – which of these “Eggcorns” are part of your vocabulary?

Love these crafty meals out of pantry staples (when you think you have nothing to eat).

After loads of magazine reading on airplanes, I cracked up at this humorous essay.

I cannot believe it is June – here are some of my favorites from May from around the web:

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Nutrisystem Week 35

Nutrisystem Week 35 // Belle Belle Beauty

This week, I neither lost nor gained weight for a total weight loss of 37.4 pounds. I’m beating myself up a little bit as I had hoped to hit my final goal of 45 pounds by the time I left for my grand beach vacation. But then I remembered my first goal when starting Nutrisystem was to lose 30 pounds and I have certainly blown past that. I also am the same weight I was 10 years ago, which is by definition… healthy. While I am not giving up the good fight to hit the 45 mark, I am not going to beat myself up either. Oh yeah, PS – I just put on my jeans from high school and they FIT!

I am so grateful I get to hit the surf confidently in a bikini (mostly which have become too big might I add!). I also have resolved to keep up my workouts while on the island. How can you even resist a great long walk on the beach with a friend. Exercise clothes and Nutrisystem bars are packed. Along with a healthy appetite for island fair like fresh grilled fish and fruit.

Check out last week’s Nutrisystem post here.

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Disclosure: As part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program, Nutrisystem has provided me with complementary meals in exchange for my honest thoughts on the Nutrisystem plan. The opinions expressed in my posts are strictly my own. No other compensation is being given.

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Getting Beach Ready For Summer – Sally Hansen Summer Sweepstakes

Getting Beach Ready For Summer - Sally Hansen Summer Sweepstakes // Belle Belle Beauty

Readers… I apologize. I know I won’t shut up about this beach trip. But it is definitely consuming my thoughts. While I have been to Florida recently, I haven’t left the country in a couple of years. That’s a bit odd for me since I am the definition of a travel junkie. Not to mention my recent weight loss – tune in tomorrow for an update on that! But either way, I have a ticket in hand and I am bikini ready.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been grooming and smoothing. Some of my tips on getting beach ready:

First, start using SPF a couple days in advance of your trip. Yep, that’s right. Sun protection can build up in the layers of your skin, helping you stay sun safe. This isn’t an excuse to skip sun screen at the beach, but it will help out in upping your protection.

Second, shoot to remove unwanted hair at least a week in advance. I am so prone to redness and irritation that my skin takes some time to calm down. And if you use wax, like Sally Hansen’s Ouch Relief Wax Strip Kit, you should have a large enough time window without regrowth.

Next, I’ve started letting my hair air dry and using sea salt spray. I know it sounds weird, but I feel like hair has memory and after weeks of round brushing it straight. It is hard to ease into that careless beachy look. Plus, practice makes perfect so tousled waves are just right in those vacation photo shots.

Lastly, I have started setting aside a pile of “must haves” on my kitchen counter. Yeah, it looks a little sloppy but those nightmares of forgetting something have already started. Stashed over there is a rich nourishing night cream, after sun lotion, my passport and a stack of beach reads. (PS – Anyone read The Paris Wife yet? I cannot wait to dive in!)

So, that’s how I am prepping to hit the sand next week. What are your tips and tricks?

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To celebrate getting beach ready, don’t miss this awesome Sweepstakes from Sally Hansen! Contest details can be found here: http://showoffchallenge.com.

Two ways to win:

  • You can join the sweepstakes for a chance to win a $5000 shopping spree or
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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Sally Hansen via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sally Hansen.

What’s In My Beach Bag

What's In My Beach Bag // Belle Belle Beauty

In less than a week, I am bound for the Caribbean! Knowing me, I’ve been pondering exactly what is going to go in that precious space to keep me safe and looking beautiful in the sand.

eos “Basket of Fruit” Smooth Sphere Lip Balm Pack is a four-pack of juicy long-time lip balm favorites including limited edition Fresh Watermelon. Also included are Strawberry Sorbet, Summer Fruit and Pomegranate Raspberry Smooth Sphere Lip Balms. The formula has great hydration and I love the ergonomic design of the spheres. Not to mention, they are easy to find at the bottom and a full and large beach bag! Recyclable and gluten-free.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration™ After Sun Lotion is the first and only after sun product combining indulgent ribbons of gel and lotion infused with silk protein and shea butter to provide luxurious moisturization for a full 24 hours. Ribbons of aloe soothe and refresh the skin from the effects of the sun, while silk protein shea butter ribbons of lotion provide incredible moisturization that leaves skin feeling hydrated, healthy and radiant.

Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer with SPF 15 is my go to face SPF because it has never been the least bit irritating. It is also oil-free, avoiding those pesky summer clogged pores. And even while I am staying protected, the formula includes added vitamins. I also love the Soothing Facial Toner for a refreshing clean to get off all the grime and sunscreen at the end of the day.

Tanee Tan Line Corrector, is an innovative product to eliminate those annoying tan lines. Using a pen-like applicator, just color in where you need some extra color and you’ll get an all-natural self-tan exactly where you need it. I get instant color and the shade deepens over a couple hours. No need to fret those bikini straps or strapless dresses!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater is the perfect, refreshing mist to for a pick-me-up on a hot day. The Aloe and Herbs help hydrate tight skin. I also love the way this looks under makeup for a rosy, nourished glow. It is incredibly gentle and well suited for sensitive skin.

Beach bag available here. Beach towel available here.

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Influencer in the Simple® Skincare Program.  Visit www.facebook.com/SimpleSkincare to share your story on sensitive skin.


Summer Hair Staple: Alterna Bamboo Beach

Summer Hair Staple: Alterna Bamboo Beach // Belle Belle Beauty

I have beach on the brain lately. I’m headed to the Caribbean in two short weeks to celebrate a friend’s birthday. And to get my locks in tip top shape, I’ve been drinking up the Alterna Bamboo Beach line. It is specially designed to provide UV protection, help combat the damaging effects of the sun, pool and saltwater/ Not to mention, it has one of the best smelling scents perfect for the summer – Brazilian Mango & Coconut Milk.

The favorite of the bunch (although hard to pick) has been the Bamboo Beach Summer Sun Recovery Spray, a leave-in conditioner. I throw this in my pool bag to treat hair while in the sun. I spray it on dry hair and throw it up in a bun. Not only do I get UV protection, but my hair is soft, tangle free and hydrated. And the scent is perfect for pool time.

Before styling, I have been spraying on Bamboo Beach Summer Ocean Waves. While I don’t use this as a traditional sea salt, applying to damp hair and then rough drying, I’ve found it makes a great texturizer. I apply to damp hair and then style with my round brush as usual. I get just the perfect amount of volume. And I’ve found my hair styles last even longer! This product isn’t as strong in the fragrance department, but still totally pleasant.

Just this very morning, I was aching to get a blow out just one more day. Bamboo Beach Mango Coconut Refreshing Dry Shampoo did the trick! I got revitalized volume and my hair looked totally refreshed. Even though the powder is white, it absorbed quickly and didn’t look ashy on my dark brown hair. Major bonus on the fragrance.