Nutrisystem Week 35

Nutrisystem Week 35 // Belle Belle Beauty

This week, I neither lost nor gained weight for a total weight loss of 37.4 pounds. I’m beating myself up a little bit as I had hoped to hit my final goal of 45 pounds by the time I left for my grand beach vacation. But then I remembered my first goal when starting Nutrisystem was to lose 30 pounds and I have certainly blown past that. I also am the same weight I was 10 years ago, which is by definition… healthy. While I am not giving up the good fight to hit the 45 mark, I am not going to beat myself up either. Oh yeah, PS – I just put on my jeans from high school and they FIT!

I am so grateful I get to hit the surf confidently in a bikini (mostly which have become too big might I add!). I also have resolved to keep up my workouts while on the island. How can you even resist a great long walk on the beach with a friend. Exercise clothes and Nutrisystem bars are packed. Along with a healthy appetite for island fair like fresh grilled fish and fruit.

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