Nutrisystem Week 34

Nutrisystem Week 34 // Belle Belle Beauty

It just dawned on me that I have been on Nutrisystem for well over one half of a year. Amazing. The reason I am so surprised is that it has been so completely easy (at least for me). The food and resources have been exceptional. Granted, I’ve had my beloved Dad and Uncle on this journey for support and encouragement. Uncle Jeff has lost an astonishing 50 pounds with another 8-9 to go. Dad has lost an impressive 42 pounds. And now for my update:

This week, I lost 1.0 pound for a total weight loss of 37.4 pounds. I’m headed to visit high school friends this weekend and so happy to be showing up youthful, healthy and slender. What a great feeling! Can’t wait to report back next week!

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