Happy Friday – Nordstrom Sale

Vacation Planning on Belle Belle Beauty

Let me preface that this isn’t a complaint, but this week has been weird. My best buddy and I discussed last night over wine that something must be going on with the planets – we immediately pulled up our horoscopes. It hasn’t been bad but I’ve felt this odd sort of self-awareness and awkwardness. So the plan for Saturday and Sunday is to hunker down and spend some time at my pool. It is hotter than ever here in Tulsa so likely it will be more like “time IN my pool”. And tonight I will be decompressing from the work week with some research for a vacation. I am due for a beach like the one above… seriously. And of course another review of the Nordstrom sale, which became available to everyone today. Here’s what I have my eye on:

image here

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  1. Navreen wrote:

    That Bobbi Brown palette is dreamy! Just came across your blog, love your posts x

    Published 7.25.15
    • Lindsay wrote:

      Thank you so much! So happy to have you here – love new readers.

      Published 7.27.15