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California Coast on Belle Belle Beauty

This month began with a trip to New York. And it ended with a visit to Chicago. I am not really a big city type of girl, so I am surprised that I visited two such meccas! Next trip will definitely be to California to see my beloved coast and friends. Sorry for the light post today – Mercury Retrograde has me in a bit of a cloud so I am regrouping this week. I don’t always believe in those things, but for some reason, the last couple of years they are always spot on. In the meanwhile, here are some links from around the web:

I admit I am guilty of “buck naked” and “wheelbarrel” – which of these “Eggcorns” are part of your vocabulary?

Love these crafty meals out of pantry staples (when you think you have nothing to eat).

After loads of magazine reading on airplanes, I cracked up at this humorous essay.

I cannot believe it is June – here are some of my favorites from May from around the web:

image here

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