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MAC Cleanse Off Oil

This was an adventure for me – I am new to MAC skin care and really have never embraced the oil on the face approach.  But at The Makeup Show this year, the MAC counter was aflutter for requests and raving reviews were being thrown around.  So a snatched some oil up for myself.

For $10, you a 1oz bottle (which has lasted me forever!) of industry-strength oil-based makeup remover.  Unlike the regular Almay pads, the oil isn’t greasy or difficult to handle. If anything, it is like kindness to the skin. 

The oil is a blend including olive, evening primrose and jojoba seed – there is ZERO mineral-oil (which I like to hear).  I use this on a tissue, but it would also work on a cotton pad.  But I am working on adopting the artists’ approach: massage onto the skin to loosen and remove any (including waterproof mascara).

One of the reasons it doesn’t become greasy is that it emulsifies into a lotion-type liquid with water.  So, you are actually left with soft and conditioned skin. Don’t worry if you are oily – this is good for all skin types.  But I especially like it for my “dry in the winter” sensitive skin.

MAC Lustre Drops

Don’t be intimidated by this little bottle of liquid sun.  I LOVE this to brighten your look on a summer day.  There are so many different ways you can use it, but I have been mixing it with tinted moisturizer for an all-over glowing look.  At first, I was afraid of using too much.  But it really is almost fool proof.  A couple of drops is easy to manage and blends really well.  It adds a glow but still is fairly sheer and natural-looking.  Bonus: don’t worry about breakouts because it is water-based.  It also works great with lotion on the legs or shoulders for a sheen if you are dried out by the heat.  It comes in Sun Rush and Pink Rebel.  I have the Pink Rebel because the Sun Rush looked a little artificial and orange on me.  I think if you have more olive to your skin, it could work well, but with my natural redness the Pink Rebel is better. And the itty, bitty bottle lasts forever and is still a sinch to travel with.

M·A·C ‘Haute & Naughty Lash’ Mascara

The M·A·C ‘Haute & Naughty Lash’ Mascara creates two different styles of flawless lashes without breaking the bank or irritating my skin.  You can choose between natural looking lashes or full-on drama. If you unscrew the pink cap, the effect is natural with no clumps. If you unscrew the purple cap, expect a highly dramatic lash look.  This mascara is not waterproof, but water resistant – if you shed a few tears you aren’t going to have a full makeup melt down, but a day in the pool guarantees some bleeding of the color. But don’t expect a super easy removal – this stuff stays on! The only other downside, is it is only available in black. ($18)

Thanks to Sarah, a budding beauty blogger herself, for reporting her findings on her new favorite mascara.  Stay posted for updates on her new blog.

M·A·C ‘Wonder Woman’ Nail Lacquer in Spirit Of Truth

Great color – tons of work.  This inky, creamy blue had me smitten from the beginning.  It was the only piece I purchased from the Wonder Woman collection.  While the color looked divine, the polish dried slightly soft on my nails.  Any small bump created a divot in the polish.  I applied the color on Friday and it peeled off late last night. This actually was a good thing.  When I went to remove the remaining polish, the color was VERY stubborn.  Despite a base coat, my nail beds now have a not-so-flattering blue.  While the color is absolutely stunning, I do not think it was worth the trouble.

MAC Lipstick Lady Danger

Now that I am fully embracing the red lip, I turned to the uber-knowledgeable Sarah of @StyleIT for a recommendation.  She came through with the boldest, yet most complimentary shade of red I have found.  MAC Lady Danger can, at first, be a shock of color for a fair-complected girl like me.  But I can’t tell you how many compliments I got when I wore it out.  It took a dose of courage at first (and the help of MAC lipliner in Cherry), but the effect was a matte, bold lip that really worked. 

MAC Wonder Woman Spirit of Truth

While I am excited about the concept of this collection, I wasn’t really sure it would be my thing.  But I am totally excited for this nail polish:

The navy blue Spirit of Truth is definitely on my shopping list!