MAC Cleanse Off Oil

This was an adventure for me – I am new to MAC skin care and really have never embraced the oil on the face approach.  But at The Makeup Show this year, the MAC counter was aflutter for requests and raving reviews were being thrown around.  So a snatched some oil up for myself.

For $10, you a 1oz bottle (which has lasted me forever!) of industry-strength oil-based makeup remover.  Unlike the regular Almay pads, the oil isn’t greasy or difficult to handle. If anything, it is like kindness to the skin. 

The oil is a blend including olive, evening primrose and jojoba seed – there is ZERO mineral-oil (which I like to hear).  I use this on a tissue, but it would also work on a cotton pad.  But I am working on adopting the artists’ approach: massage onto the skin to loosen and remove any (including waterproof mascara).

One of the reasons it doesn’t become greasy is that it emulsifies into a lotion-type liquid with water.  So, you are actually left with soft and conditioned skin. Don’t worry if you are oily – this is good for all skin types.  But I especially like it for my “dry in the winter” sensitive skin.

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