MAC Lustre Drops

Don’t be intimidated by this little bottle of liquid sun.  I LOVE this to brighten your look on a summer day.  There are so many different ways you can use it, but I have been mixing it with tinted moisturizer for an all-over glowing look.  At first, I was afraid of using too much.  But it really is almost fool proof.  A couple of drops is easy to manage and blends really well.  It adds a glow but still is fairly sheer and natural-looking.  Bonus: don’t worry about breakouts because it is water-based.  It also works great with lotion on the legs or shoulders for a sheen if you are dried out by the heat.  It comes in Sun Rush and Pink Rebel.  I have the Pink Rebel because the Sun Rush looked a little artificial and orange on me.  I think if you have more olive to your skin, it could work well, but with my natural redness the Pink Rebel is better. And the itty, bitty bottle lasts forever and is still a sinch to travel with.

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