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MAC Paint Pot

M·A·C Paint Pot // Belle Belle Beauty

Much like my obsession with MAC ‘Mineralize Volcanic Ash’ Exfoliator, I just can’t live without the MAC Paint Pot. I’d seen it on blogs, heard makeup artists rave about it and even tried it out at counters. But I never pulled the trigger until a gift card landed in my lap. Painterly was the shade of choice, although I am quite certain I would take every single shade.

I apply using my fingers. While the formula looks like a paste, it is creamy and slightly slippery. The opaque, highly pigmented color in Painterly makes for a great “blank canvas” and primer for other looks. I also just like it alone for a neutral, natural eye. For a while, I tried to embrace my darker lids, but I will always prefer neutralizing the purplish undertones, even if I am not wearing shadows on top.

The formula blends evenly without any tugging to a creaseless, seemless layer. And lasts all day long. I’ve been mixing the Paint Pot successfully with powder shadows, cream shadows and liners from just about any line. Rubenesque, Blackground and Bare Study are at the top of the list to add to my collection. Add another “can’t live without” to the books!

Best Bronzers

Despite my incessant application of SPF this summer, I still have a little color on my face. But that doesn’t mean I don’t need the help of a little bronzer. I am committed to the belief that we can have that golden summer glow without baking unprotected for hours on end in the sun. These three have been champs getting me sun-kissed.

  • Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder is the gold standard. You are sure to find a perfect match with eight available shades. Go ahead and invest in a timeless classic.
  • M·A·C Bronzing Powder in Matte Bronze is just what I’ve been looking for. The finish allows you to contour (shimmer isn’t well suited for this). And the color is perfectly balanced on me.
  • Benefit Dallas Face Powder has a rosy undertone. It looks so natural because it has that tiniest bit of flush, making it look like you’ve just stepped from an afternoon outdoors. Plus, this shade is nice and subtle for those who prefer a lighter hand.

MAC ‘Mineralize Volcanic Ash’ Exfoliator

There was some pretty heavy duty scuttle last week when MAC accounced they were bringing back a discontinued cult-favorite. I haven’t used much MAC skincare, but had heard great things. So, that puppy was ordered and on its way to me, stat.

I love the inky, consistancy of the MAC ‘Mineralize Volcanic Ash’ Exfoliator. The formula contains a foaming cleanser as well – you know I can’t resist a foaming cleanser.  The sugar crystals are on the larger side, but don’t irritate my skin. I’m not sure you could consider this “gentle” though. The earth smell of volcanic ash is especially pleasant to me – it feels spa-like and is rich with minerals. And don’t hesitate to use this on stubborn bumps on your arms and legs.

No wonder there was such a fuss. And now I am hooked too. The exfoliator is currently available at Nordstrom, but I don’t know for how long!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

The department stores are loaded right now with holiday palettes to add a bit of shimmer to your complexion. And I get it. I am all for this type of festive cheer. While many of the palettes are stunning works of art, their price point sometimes can even stretch over the $100 mark. So, I set out on a mission to find a shimmer powder that was (relatively) less expensive than some of the holiday palettes offered by Cle de Peau, Chanel and other luxury brands.

I wasn’t on the hunt too long, because I quickly found MAC Mineralize Skinfinish. While the powder isn’t quite as soft and creamy as others I have tried, I think the level of shimmer is tempered just the right amount. You don’t look like a disco ball, but you do look festive and glow-y. You can layer as I did on my cheekbones or use a huge, fluffy brush for just an over-all polish. The palette isn’t fancy or bejeweled but it is pretty. I chose Soft And Gentle, which is a light and bronzy with a little peach. Gold Deposit is a really deep golden bronze. Porcelain Pink is coral with gold.

MAC Face and Body Foundation

I was tired of listening to people rave about MAC Face and Body Foundation.  I had to see what the fuss was about.  Especially after I learned it was a lightweight, water-based foundation that was insanely long-lasting.

The formula was designed to be used to even coverage on the entire body – duh, hence the name “Face and Body Foundation”.  At first, it appears really sheer, but is very buildable so you can vary your level of coverage.  It almost has the feel of a moisterizing lotion and follows up with super hydration action, so it works even on my drier skin.

Originally developed for beauty photography, this is my choice if you are being photographed and I also hear it is fabulous for weddings and events.  I think it will definitely be in my suitcase for the long, crazy days of New York Fashion Week.

This foundation is only available at MAC stores and is a great value at $32.50 for an enormous 4 fluid ounces.

MAC Cosmetics Red Lipstick

Who doesn’t want to look glam and polished with really white teeth?  Well, I do.  So I dove into the red lipstick world. I knew the best place to start were the bright and bold shades of MAC cosmetics.  But there are so many to choose from!  Selecting a color from the MAC displays can be overwhelming, so I am sharing my three favorite reds to help narrow it down.

From left to right: Lady Danger, Russian Red, Ruby Woo

Top to bottom: Lady Danger, Russian Red, Ruby Woo

Lady Danger is the most orange of the group. While it looks almost neon next to the other shades, it is a true, real red.  It is more bold, so this is my favorite for a special occasion that calls for a saucy pout, like a night out in the Lower East Side.  I love that Lady Danger is creamy and glossy – not near as matte as the other colors.

MAC’s top red is Russian Red, a velvety, deep red that has been around since the 1980s.  This is my favorite “dress up” lipstick. You can really achieve pearly teeth with these blue undertones. I consider this more “ruby red” than crayon or tomato red.  It is very opaque and matte but not as matte as Ruby Woo.

If you are looking for classic, velvet, matte, pinup red, Ruby Woo is your girl.  The blue undertones are even deeper.  Some say that this is so matte that it is hard to apply, but I think, with a dose of confience, it goes on quite well. You want to make sure your lips are hydrated though because it can be drying.

These lipsticks all have that subtle powdery vanilla that MAC does so well.  They smell good! (odd to say that about a lipstick but it is so darn true)