MAC Cosmetics Red Lipstick

Who doesn’t want to look glam and polished with really white teeth?  Well, I do.  So I dove into the red lipstick world. I knew the best place to start were the bright and bold shades of MAC cosmetics.  But there are so many to choose from!  Selecting a color from the MAC displays can be overwhelming, so I am sharing my three favorite reds to help narrow it down.

From left to right: Lady Danger, Russian Red, Ruby Woo

Top to bottom: Lady Danger, Russian Red, Ruby Woo

Lady Danger is the most orange of the group. While it looks almost neon next to the other shades, it is a true, real red.  It is more bold, so this is my favorite for a special occasion that calls for a saucy pout, like a night out in the Lower East Side.  I love that Lady Danger is creamy and glossy – not near as matte as the other colors.

MAC’s top red is Russian Red, a velvety, deep red that has been around since the 1980s.  This is my favorite “dress up” lipstick. You can really achieve pearly teeth with these blue undertones. I consider this more “ruby red” than crayon or tomato red.  It is very opaque and matte but not as matte as Ruby Woo.

If you are looking for classic, velvet, matte, pinup red, Ruby Woo is your girl.  The blue undertones are even deeper.  Some say that this is so matte that it is hard to apply, but I think, with a dose of confience, it goes on quite well. You want to make sure your lips are hydrated though because it can be drying.

These lipsticks all have that subtle powdery vanilla that MAC does so well.  They smell good! (odd to say that about a lipstick but it is so darn true)

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