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An Update from Belle Belle

During COVID and for a time before, I have been taking a little blog break. Not for a lack of love for Belle Belle and writing, but my focus has been drawn to other interests. After reflection during this time at home, I have realized I miss writing here and want to return to regular posting. I enjoy sharing finds, ideas and little joys from my life.

To get you up to speed, I have made some changes in my life. Some of you might know I have a full time job outside of the blog that keeps me busy (but I love it). I am grateful that I was able to work throughout the COVID crisis, albeit from home.

An extended time at home has giving me new enthusiasm for all things home décor. I even moved mid-Pandemic! I am filling my new, brighter and more spacious home with new and fresh furniture. I have also found a love of finding and collecting art. More on that to come!

The biggest change in my life over the past several months have been fitness. I went from moderately active to a full on gym junkie. I have found time in the gym keeps me energetic, positive, healthy and basically more fun. January 2019 I joined a local gym – located at a hospital and can be described as fairly basic and to be honest, catering to an older clientele. Which was just fine with me.

The game-changer was hiring a personal trainer. I worked with Lee for a couple times a week for a full year. While I am on my own now and Lee has since relocated, he is still instrumental in sharing his knowledge and guidance in my current workouts. My newfound zest for fitness is something I want to share with you.

I hope you enjoy a little fitness content as much as my journey with Nutrisystem from 2013-2014. I feel like Belle Belle has always had an element of wellness. I will be sharing workouts and Lee’s routines. And maybe one day I will graduate from the horrible cook that I am to sharing some (simple) healthy recipes.

Excited to restart and refresh this ride!

Wednesday On The Web

 Wednesday On The Web on Belle Belle Beauty

I’ve been really inspired lately with fellow bloggers opening up about their daily lives, ups & downs and everyday stuff like fitness and dating. So this new feature, Wednesday On The Web, is something I hope will evolve into a sort of “check in” here at Belle Belle. This week, I can almost feel Spring in the air but it is still annoyingly chilly. So, I am relishing my last couple of days of wearing scarfs and boots while reflecting on what’s in store.

I know I have mentioned reflection and new beginnings here a couple times recently. I’ve had a harder time than expected in getting the ball rolling on fresh content. But I think a new season does invite a change in routine. I’ve also learned a couple things about myself over the past couple of weeks. And those tidbits are certain to usher in a change.

First, I’ll be honest. I fell hard for a guy over the holidays. And he didn’t treat me well. I think I bent over backwards to make something work for over three months. It seems everyone but me knew the writing was on the wall. I’m betting many of you can understand that sometimes we are the last to notice something so obvious. This past weekend, I finally put him out of my life, albeit with not the utmost of grace, but it was done. And while I live in a freakishly small town with an even smaller social circle and that means running into him, at least emotionally I have shut that door. Having that toxicity out of my daily thoughts and in my heart already is adding a skip to my step.

Second, I finally had a physical – it had been years. I think females are in a bit of a conundrum because so often gynecologists don’t perform comprehensive check-ups. We are susceptible to thinking our annual trip to the GYN covers it. While I know some do, my gynecologist certainly hadn’t performed a full physical and frankly none of mine ever had. The only thing they ever tested were thyroid levels – I have been treated for hypothyroidism for eight years. What really blew me away was at this physical, I was told for the first time that the treatment for this condition can put you at serious risk for osteoporosis. I’ve noted to keep up weight-bearing exercise and those all important calcium supplements.

We moved onto blood tests for cholesterol, kidney function, vitamin levels along with the rest of the gamut. Most importantly, I am incredibly healthy but with a couple surprises. I was low in both vitamin D and B12 and now am on new medications to help with that. My diet, especially lately, is very healthy. The conclusion is this can be a genetic condition. Both cause fatigue and can lead to serious problems down the road. I am thrilled to know this info and educate myself about both conditions. And treating them will make me feel even better.

So, part of my motivation to get personal here is a sort of PSA. I know with busy lives, it is hard to take care of ourselves, both emotionally and physically. If your GYN isn’t giving you a full physical every couple of years, I encourage you to see a family doctor. I know it changed things for me! And if you are living with a person in your life that doesn’t treat you well, kick that guy or girl to the curb. 🙂

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And please feel free to let me know if you enjoy (or dislike) these kinds of posts. I’m open to constructive criticism – just be gentle 🙂

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