An Update from Belle Belle

During COVID and for a time before, I have been taking a little blog break. Not for a lack of love for Belle Belle and writing, but my focus has been drawn to other interests. After reflection during this time at home, I have realized I miss writing here and want to return to regular posting. I enjoy sharing finds, ideas and little joys from my life.

To get you up to speed, I have made some changes in my life. Some of you might know I have a full time job outside of the blog that keeps me busy (but I love it). I am grateful that I was able to work throughout the COVID crisis, albeit from home.

An extended time at home has giving me new enthusiasm for all things home décor. I even moved mid-Pandemic! I am filling my new, brighter and more spacious home with new and fresh furniture. I have also found a love of finding and collecting art. More on that to come!

The biggest change in my life over the past several months have been fitness. I went from moderately active to a full on gym junkie. I have found time in the gym keeps me energetic, positive, healthy and basically more fun. January 2019 I joined a local gym – located at a hospital and can be described as fairly basic and to be honest, catering to an older clientele. Which was just fine with me.

The game-changer was hiring a personal trainer. I worked with Lee for a couple times a week for a full year. While I am on my own now and Lee has since relocated, he is still instrumental in sharing his knowledge and guidance in my current workouts. My newfound zest for fitness is something I want to share with you.

I hope you enjoy a little fitness content as much as my journey with Nutrisystem from 2013-2014. I feel like Belle Belle has always had an element of wellness. I will be sharing workouts and Lee’s routines. And maybe one day I will graduate from the horrible cook that I am to sharing some (simple) healthy recipes.

Excited to restart and refresh this ride!

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