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AQUA Carpatica

AQUA Carpatica on Belle Belle Beauty

The newest, edgiest trends in beauty come out of Asia these days (snail serum comes to mind – ew). Another more palatable trend is using water – specifically mineral water – in your skin care routine. Washing your face with sparkling water has been a hot trend for beauty aficionados in Japan and Korea for quite some time, and now it is picking up in the west.

First, a note about sparking water – it is my jam. So when the brand, AQUA Carpatica, reached out with an offer to give this new beauty trend out and try their unique sparkling water, I jumped. AQUA Carpatica has the only nitrate-free naturally sparkling mineral water. Nitrates are contaminates from septic tanks, fertilizer and erosion of natural deposits. This nitrate-free water is sourced in the Carpathian Mountains and is loaded with minerals. And it tastes so good! Crisp with smaller bubbles just like I like it.

AQUA Carpatica just landed in the US at Sprouts Farmers Market for those who want to give this water a whirl – either in their beauty routine or just to sip on! Note, when I used some to wash my face it was very cold, but refreshing and slightly foamy. The natural carbonation aids in exfoliation and oxygenation of the skin. If I didn’t love the taste so much, I would consider trying this splurge beauty step on my weekly self-facials.


Summer Shape Up

Summer Shape Up With Balance Bar and Walmart on Belle Belle Beauty

I don’t know about you, but her at Chez Belle Belle, I am in need of a Summer Shape Up. It is time to start amping up my fall workout given the cooler weather will arrive soon (yay!!). As part of my Summer Shape Up, I have partnered with Walmart and Balance Bar to shake up my diet game as well.

First, I am a huge fan of bars. I think they are great on the go (I keep a stash in my purse). They are fabulous for portion control. And they make me feel a little devious because I feel like I am having a candy bar.

Of course I set out to Walmart to stock up on my Balance Bar stash – after all, I live in the land of many Walmarts down here in Oklahoma. And I was thrilled to find them at the bargain basement price of less than $5.

Naturally… being the beauty junkie that I am, I am shaking up my beauty and skin care routine as well. I’ve been throwing in some new favorite products into the lineup and I cannot wait to share my thoughts on those with you soon. For now, here are the other products pictured above:

Disclosure: I received a Walmart gift card as part of a sponsored collaboration with Balance Bar and Walmart.

Wednesday On The Web

Beauty From The Inside Out on Belle Belle Beauty

Hope everyone is having a perfect pre-Holiday week. I am laying majorly low after all the birthday celebrations, taking a stay-cation of sorts. I have been chowing down on all the amazing summer produce (you know how I love beauty from the inside out!) and planning a fun menu for friends on Friday afternoon. While I haven’t been trolling the web a ton, I did have some favorites to share:

Swooning over these new goodies from Everlane.

Amazing comparison of beauty standards around the world – in case you missed it last week.

This plane ticket mistake is pretty epic.

I know this Dermablend video is old, but I just watched it again. I have no words other than stunned again.

And, here are my favorite fashion and beauty finds from my little hobby, online shopping from the month of June:

image here

Clear Skin Detox Diet

Clear Skin Detox Diet on Belle Belle Beauty

I’ve been a big believer in beauty from the inside out over the last year and a half. Even more so lately, I’ve  been paying more attention to how foods affect the way my skin looks (not to mention the way they make me feel). That’s not to say I am giving up my beloved wine, cheese and bread any time soon. But on yesterday’s trip to Whole Foods, I loaded up on papaya, berries, greens, basil, yogurt and honey. And I have Clear Skin Detox Diet to thank for the inspiration.

This straightforward, well-written book is actually a joy to read. Clear Skin Detox Diet covers nutrition plans, recipes and recommendations of foods for specific skin issues. I was thrilled to get advice for skin ailments like acne, premature aging, eczema, and more. Needless to say, I will be shooting for half an avocado a day from now on. And when that nasty pimple appears… garlic to the rescue with its powerful antibacterial properties. Just alone, author Lauren Talbot’s “Build a Better Salad” page is now one of my kitchen staples.

Also, I have to mention this shopping list was also amazingly influential in changing the way I shop for groceries.

Clear Skin Detox Diet on Belle Belle Beauty
Now for the good news! I have one extra copy to give away to one lucky reader. Enter using the widget below. Open to US readers.

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image via into the gloss


Wednesdays On The Web

wednesday web 040914

I have really been embracing the idea of looking forward – not back – lately. Naturally breeding a more positive attitude, I think I become more motivated and creative. Instead of beating myself up for a missed workout or putting my foot in my mouth, I just know that tomorrow is the opportunity for a bigger and better day.

Speaking of workouts, I am striving to step up my game. Pool time is serious with my group of friends and I’d like to get in better shape. While I do frequent cardio, I know I could add runs and weight bearing exercises. I’m also working on my diet. Those who have read this blog know I lost 40 pounds on Nutrisystem last year. While I am still at my all time low weight, I know I need to introduce more whole foods, veggies and fruits. Not to mention, when I eat this foods my skin also looks better than ever! So, that’s where my head is these days. And of course playing and testing so many skin care and makeup goodies.

Some finds from around the web:

Speaking of diet, this is fascinating: what 100 calories really look like

Love this series by Kara – battle of drugstore mascaras – first up is Lengthening

Tempted to invest in this updated classic

Love this how-to, adorable video featuring Estee Lauder products

Earn double InCircle points on beauty online and in stores through Sunday at Neiman Marcus

One of my favorites, Perricone MD, is having their Friends & Family Event. Save 20% on all purchases with code FF2014 through 4/15.

Get 25% off at J.Crew on dressed-up styles with code SPRINGISHERE through 11:59 p.m. PDT tonight

Sale for insiders is happening at Sephora: Beauty Insiders can use code TICKET online through tomorrow and VIB and VIB Rouge members can use code VIBTICKET and ROUGETICKET online through 4/11

image here

Wednesday On The Web

 Wednesday On The Web on Belle Belle Beauty

I’ve been really inspired lately with fellow bloggers opening up about their daily lives, ups & downs and everyday stuff like fitness and dating. So this new feature, Wednesday On The Web, is something I hope will evolve into a sort of “check in” here at Belle Belle. This week, I can almost feel Spring in the air but it is still annoyingly chilly. So, I am relishing my last couple of days of wearing scarfs and boots while reflecting on what’s in store.

I know I have mentioned reflection and new beginnings here a couple times recently. I’ve had a harder time than expected in getting the ball rolling on fresh content. But I think a new season does invite a change in routine. I’ve also learned a couple things about myself over the past couple of weeks. And those tidbits are certain to usher in a change.

First, I’ll be honest. I fell hard for a guy over the holidays. And he didn’t treat me well. I think I bent over backwards to make something work for over three months. It seems everyone but me knew the writing was on the wall. I’m betting many of you can understand that sometimes we are the last to notice something so obvious. This past weekend, I finally put him out of my life, albeit with not the utmost of grace, but it was done. And while I live in a freakishly small town with an even smaller social circle and that means running into him, at least emotionally I have shut that door. Having that toxicity out of my daily thoughts and in my heart already is adding a skip to my step.

Second, I finally had a physical – it had been years. I think females are in a bit of a conundrum because so often gynecologists don’t perform comprehensive check-ups. We are susceptible to thinking our annual trip to the GYN covers it. While I know some do, my gynecologist certainly hadn’t performed a full physical and frankly none of mine ever had. The only thing they ever tested were thyroid levels – I have been treated for hypothyroidism for eight years. What really blew me away was at this physical, I was told for the first time that the treatment for this condition can put you at serious risk for osteoporosis. I’ve noted to keep up weight-bearing exercise and those all important calcium supplements.

We moved onto blood tests for cholesterol, kidney function, vitamin levels along with the rest of the gamut. Most importantly, I am incredibly healthy but with a couple surprises. I was low in both vitamin D and B12 and now am on new medications to help with that. My diet, especially lately, is very healthy. The conclusion is this can be a genetic condition. Both cause fatigue and can lead to serious problems down the road. I am thrilled to know this info and educate myself about both conditions. And treating them will make me feel even better.

So, part of my motivation to get personal here is a sort of PSA. I know with busy lives, it is hard to take care of ourselves, both emotionally and physically. If your GYN isn’t giving you a full physical every couple of years, I encourage you to see a family doctor. I know it changed things for me! And if you are living with a person in your life that doesn’t treat you well, kick that guy or girl to the curb. 🙂

Some other advice and wisdom I’ve found around the web this week:

Completely stellar advice on how to live in your 30s.

Swing by this beauty/nutrition blog – I adore the beautiful images and no nonsense advice.

Love this fresh face for Spring from Victoria and Erin!

And please feel free to let me know if you enjoy (or dislike) these kinds of posts. I’m open to constructive criticism – just be gentle 🙂

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