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Summer Beauty Inspiration

Summer Beauty Inspiration // Belle Belle Beauty

This is the look I am channeling this summer for a fresh faced, luminous glow. To get the look, I reach for:


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Three Mario Badescu Masks for Sensitivity

Mario Badescu Masks for Sensitivity // Belle Belle Beauty

You probably know I fell hard for Mario Badescu from this post. Lately, my vanity MVPs have been clay-based masks that manage to deep clean and soothe all at the same time. These three masks are a great fit for those with drier, more sensitive skin. But I also think they would work for oily and acne-prone complexions – clay is a classic, proven ingredient for cleaning out pores that everyone could benefit from at least occasionally.

Azulene Calming Mask is loaded with anti-inflammatory Azulene to comfort red or irritated skin. After a little over eager exfoliation or glycolic treatment, this can snap my skin back into calmness. Also great for razor burn or post-waxing. The consistency is a thicker paste, but the clay formula does not harden. The clay and wheat starch work to clear skin of impurities. Best if you are feeling very sensitive.

Flower & Tonic Mask is more active, perfect when you really want to go after congested skin. Last weekend, I was really bad about washing my face. And when I returned home, I atoned for my sins with this pore-clearing treatment. While the Kaolin (clay) absorbs dirt and oil, Balsam Peru soothes redness and irritation. I feel a tad bit tight after using this mask, but it is perfect for a deep cleaning treatment.

Cucumber Tonic Mask is going to be clutch during the summer months when I am so prone to redness and blackheads – hello, sweaty heat! The cooling clay is made with Cucumber Extract to smooth and revive skin while it deep cleans. This mask is a great balance of the two above, when you want cleansing action but still are experiencing some sensitivity.

How to Use: Apply a thin layer of mask on clean skin avoiding eye area. Wait 15-20 minutes and rinse thoroughly with tepid water.

Mario Badescu products are also available at Nordstrom where it is triple points time now through March 24th!

What’s In My Shower These Days

What's In My Shower These Days // Belle Belle Beauty

You probably aren’t shocked to find out my shower is full to the brim with beauty goodies. Every day, I grab for something different. But there are those favorites that I keep buying again and again, using every bit to the very last drop. Here’s my current shower MVP list:

H2O Plus Sparkling Currant Shower & Bath Gel is doing a darn good job getting me ready for spring time. The fruity, invigorating scent reminds me of being at the beach in high school without any of the cloying sweetness. The Black Currant Extract and Fruit Enzymes improve skin tone and texture. The best part? The Vitamin E capsules – tiny, jelly like balls that burst with just a bit of pressure that add crazy softness to  my skin.

Tokyo Milk Eiffel Tower Soap from Neiman Marcus are almost too pretty to use. But eventually, I couldn’t resist and ripped that pretty paper to reveal a heafty bar of delicious smelling soap. The triple milled soap is made from a pure vegetable base and scented with the finest perfume. I get great lather while Shea Butter provide moisture. The Eiffel Tower scent is a blend of Linden, Honeyed rose, Wisteria petals and White musk.

Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel is my new go-to shower face cleanser. While it doesn’t have my beloved foaming action, I love the way it can remove every bit of makeup and dirt. It has a fairly strong floral, cucumber-like scent – sounds odd, but it is actually delightful. Papaya and Grapefruit Extracts are provide exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Acids to deep clean pores. Love using this with my Clarisonic.

Neutrogena Shampoo, Anti-Residue Formula is a relatively new addition and I constantly scratch my head why the classic formula didn’t make its way into my shower sooner. My hair was looking a little dull – no excuse for that – I never color it and always use this heat defense serum. Well, the problem was residue. Used once a week, this shampoo and remove all that gunk from shampoos, conditioners and styling products.

St. Ives Revitalizing Pear & Soy Body Wash, another bargain hit from St. Ives that really works. Soy and Pear not only make this formula smell great, but also moisturize skin. Like H2O Plus Sparkling Currant Shower & Bath Gel, the fragrance is getting me in the Spring mood. The soap lathers but without leaving that dry, tight feeling. And around $3, you can beat the price.

Brand Spotlight: Mario Badescu & 5 Products Everyone Should Own


I’ve been deep in the world of Mario Badescu for the last couple of weeks. Not a bad place to be at all. The products, established by  Romanian-born Mario Badescu in 1967 in New York, are based on Eastern European skincare with a focus on being simple, gentle and effective. The price point is compelling, bringing luxe results and reasonable prices. Today, the spa attracts stars and beauty gals in the know (I dream of one day visiting). While I have always had mad respect for the brand, I haven’t really had a chance to dive in and discover some of the crown jewels. Today, I am rounding up five of their products that I think every woman (and actually men too) should have in their bathrooms.

1. Glycolic Foaming Cleanser: My obsession with Glycolic Acid is no secret. There is nothing better to break down debris on the skin to reveal more even, radiant skin. This version is super soothing (the formula is amped up with herbal extracts). They recommend using a couple times weekly, but I just can’t stay away – shhhh. This works like a champ with my Clarisonic.

2. Almond and Honey Face Scrub: I may or may not have just gone into my shower and taken a huge whiff of this stuff. Do you like almond scents as much as me? You won’t be able to resist this yummy concoction  This non-abrasive scrub has finely ground Almonds and Cornmeal to gently remove dead skin cells. The honey acts to hydrate and soften skin. YUM.

3. Drying Lotion: Is there a more iconic Mario Badescu product? I think not. I’ve owned this in the past, but feeling high and mighty about having my acne under control, it has been out of the rotation. Well, a short day after getting my paws on a new bottle, I got the deepest, most annoying blemish on my neck. SO RANDOM. Anyway, I used this spot treatment loaded with salicylic acid and calamine and that bugger shrunk right up overnight. Don’t shake this stuff – just dip a cotton swab past the liquid into the pink lotion and dot on the blemish. Don’t rub in. (Note: this will also take the itch out of mosquito bites!)

4. Hyaluronic Eye Cream: I’m dry… dry… dry. And nothing looks less cute than a dry, haggard under eye. This calls for the revival skills of Hyaluronic Acid which looks in moisture without leaving a greasy or heavy feel. After a couple minutes of absorption, this eye cream works like a dream under makeup. I’ve been using it day and night and darkness and dryness are banished! You can also use this on the lips.

5. Oil-free Moisturizer SPF 30: I admit, I turned up my nose at first to an oil-free moisturizer. But in the interest of blogging, I tested it out and was so so impressed. The formula has a balance between being lightweight and hydrating (not an easy task for a sunscreen). Green Tea fights premature aging while Aloe Vera hydrates and softens skin. St. John’s Wort soothes and repairs. This is my new recommendation to those who need sun protection after starting a retinol treatment. Dry skin suffers, don’t shy away. This keeps my skin comfortable all day.

So, Mario Badescu fans, tell me in the comments… which of your favorites did I miss?

Shop my favorites here:

Mario Badescu products can also be found at Nordstrom.