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New Flat: Bedroom Update

It wasn’t until I was in my new space for several weeks, that it really sank in how much I craved a brighter, lighter restart. I loved my old building – why I stayed for over eight years. But I realized I liked living there because of my amazing neighbors and less about my own personal space. My old apartment was small and quite dark. And noisy. Now that we are on week number “who knows???” of staying at home, no wonder I prioritized moving to a home I could spend time alone in and enjoy thoroughly.

I don’t always subscribe to horoscopes or the Zodiac, but I am a Cancer is so many ways. Definitely a nester. So my bedroom was a top priority. While it isn’t complete (I have bedside tables on their way), I did want to share my bedding and headboard. And Tink, one of my Malteses in the pic above, most definitely wanted to be part of it.

First up, the headboard. At first, I thought I could live without. But my mom kept bringing ideas up. She has become my beloved personal (online) shopper during COVID, and a great one at that. Mom tracked down this Joss & Main Clements Queen Upholstered Panel Headboard. The price cannot be beat (it is still on sale). I went ahead and pulled the trigger, slightly dubious on the quality given the price point.

My headboard arrived this week and I was pleasantly surprised. The quality is great – the fabric is a tightly woven polyester with nicely made details. Assembly was a breeze. The height is adjustable. But the real ticket was mom was right. It makes the room. My bed is cozier and the small detail makes it feel even more like an oasis. It also comes in Ivory, Beige and Purple. I have the Light Grey.

Up next, I will share my bedding. I am a nut for Parachute Home! Stay tuned.

February Love

February Love on Belle Belle Beauty

February hasn’t been my favorite month in past years. It is cold and not terribly festive. And I am not sure I love Valentine’s Day, especially being single. But I am a little more optimistic this year. I’m one of those crazy people who loves the snow and Tulsa is getting a wallop this week. It also means the last couple weeks of my beloved winter fashions.

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Mood-Lites on Belle Belle Beauty

File this under somewhat random, but stay with me. I’ve been trying out Mood-lites the last couple of weeks. These colored light bulbs are designed to enhance your mood. Initially launched as porch lights, Mood-lites founder Kathryn Goetzke was intrigued with tweaking a commonly used product in a different way. These bulbs can be used to help encourage a mood. Or even in an artistic or festive way. They also make for great night lights at the mellow 25 watt power.

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Febreze Sleep Serenity Collection

Febreze Sleep Serenity Collection // Belle Belle Beauty

File this under random. You’ll understand if you love sleep as much as me. I’m one of those people that needs nine hours of sleep. I’ve tried to fight it, but that is just how I function best. Naturally, my bedroom and bed are incredibly important to me. After all, I spend a huge chunk of time there.

So when I come across something that can make that time and space more beautiful or enjoyable, it grabs my attention. I snagged a bedroom mist from the Febreze® Sleep Serenity™ Collection on my last trip to the grocery store and am totally hooked. I chose Warm Milk and Honey which is a cozy, yet not too sweet scent. Also available: Quiet Jasmine and Moonlit Lavender. All scents are blended to help relax and soothe. It is even endorsed by the National Sleep Foundation. I can’t wait to pick up a bottle of the Bedding Refresher and Bedside Diffuser on my next trip to the store.

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For the Vanity

Hopefully to inspire a little last minute holiday shopping (or a way to spend those giftcards under the tree!) – here are some of my favorite things to adorn the vanity. Enjoy!

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mark All Lit Up Lemon Sugar Scented Candle

Mark Lemon Sugar Candle on Belle Belle Beauty

This mark Lemon Sugar candle is burning up a storm at chez Belle Belle. You probably know from this post that I am a huge lemon fan (lemon sugar is the perfect balance between sweet and fresh). I love the change of pace from all the cinnamon, alpine and fir business of holiday candles. Pick up some lemon sugar for yourself here