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February Love on Belle Belle Beauty

February hasn’t been my favorite month in past years. It is cold and not terribly festive. And I am not sure I love Valentine’s Day, especially being single. But I am a little more optimistic this year. I’m one of those crazy people who loves the snow and Tulsa is getting a wallop this week. It also means the last couple weeks of my beloved winter fashions.

Some changes happening over here at Belle Belle. It might be a little quiet for a couple weeks (and you’ve likely noticed some more sparse posting lately). First, I have been sick as a dog this weekend – a cough so bad my whole body hurts. But hopefully on the mend today. Second, I am moving into a new apartment down the hall from my current place.

With that adventure, I’d like to add more lifestyle to the blog. I’m looking forward to styling the new place. I am lucky enough to have loads of great pieces that once furnished a larger home. Now that I will be in an even smaller place, I really want to make sure I am using my favorite pieces selectively. Other goals – skip cable in my bedroom (I can’t part with my Netflix). Display cooking tools so I am more likely to use them (this post by Grace inspired me to cook more). And keep my workspace entirely separate from where I relax.

Changes like these, for me, offer the opportunity to improve. In some ways, I am addicted to change and am becoming even more so as the years pass. I am known by my friends as the person who literally has lived everywhere. While I honestly have a wonderful life, turning the calendar page this month feels like a great opportunity to be even more thoughtful about how my business and life is going.

Exercise and nutrition has become a huge part of my life. While I am a cardio queen, I’d like to hit the gym, building more muscle. In my early 20s I was incredibly fit and I am miss that strong toned feeling. After wrapping a year on Nutrisystem, I am excited to incorporate more fresh foods – see cooking resolution above. And one of these days, I am going to make yoga a regular thing for me – every time I’ve had it in my life, I feel better than ever.

As I type this, I am realizing that I am having a sort of delayed New Year resolution experience. I’m curious if anyone else is having this delayed moment of reflection. Hope you guys enjoy a bit more of a personal tilt on the blog and will indulge seeing a bit more of my everyday life here on Belle Belle.

And on that note, some of my favorite things from around the web over the last month:

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  1. Katy wrote:

    I will go to Yoga with you! If you join Sky, they have a yoga class that I believe is free. 🙂

    Published 2.3.14
    • Lindsay wrote:

      awesome! I need to go down there and check out Sky. And it will be fun to have a yoga buddy. We also can do it in the park this summer. xo

      Published 2.3.14