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Tata Harper Purifying Mask


Tata Harper keeps surprising me with quality products that are natural while also being super effective. The sticker shock is a factor, but the potency, packaging and that fact they just plain work make the products worth the investment. True to her naturalist roots, Tata Harper emphasizes that aging comes from exposure to toxins. So cellular detoxification ranks right up there in importance.

The Purifying Mask was created to pull those toxins out of skin, empowering collagen and elastin. Fermentation and probiotics deeply clean skin. My skin has been freaking out lately with break outs – something I rarely experience. I blame weather, stress and the constant product rotation for the blog.

This mask has added some balance to my cheek breakouts thankfully. I apply a thick layer with a foundation brush and leave on for the full 20 minutes (recommended is 10-20). There is no artificial fragrance but the mask smells of natural spa goodness. You’ll see the eradication of dullness immediately and we all like a little bit of immediate gratification, right?

Gluten-free. Made in the USA. Available at Nordstrom.


LIFTLAB PURIFY + CLARIFY Daily Cleanser, Detox Mask and Gentle Exfoliant

 LIFTLAB	PURIFY + CLARIFY Daily Cleanser, Detox Mask and Gentle Exfoliant on Belle Belle Beauty

The downside to beauty blogging is that so many products cross my desk, I sometimes forget about an old favorite. I know… #firstworldproblems. But then, an email, a hunt around the beauty closet, or a generous package shows up and you fall in love all over again.

This time, my love affair is renewed with LIFTLAB PURIFY + CLARIFY Daily Cleanser, Detox Mask and Gentle Exfoliant. And oh my is it hot and heavy.

LIFTLAB PURIFY + CLARIFY™ Daily Cleanser, Detox Mask and Gentle Exfoliant works as a 3-in-1, but it is basically a cleanser. The “detox” and “exfoliant” sound intense for drier and sensitive skin, but the foam actually balances my moisture levels. At the same time, Aqualumine™, a proprietary blend of enzymes derived from red caviar is a nice and gentle alternative to chemical and physical exfoliants.

My skin is left clear, brightened and smooth. One of their proprietary ingredients encourages cell turnover. My skin feels so clean (but certainly not tight) that I have been skipping my beloved toner. There is probably nothing I love more than a bunch of foam with my Clarisonic and this certainly doesn’t disappoint.

If you want to amp up your game, go for a deep clean 1-2 per week as a mask. Leave on for three minutes and experience an effervescent and uplifting treatment.

Samples generously provided by Neiman Marcus as part of the Beauty Ambassador Program, but as always, opinions are my own.

Original & Mineral Original Detox Shampoo

We get facials for our skin, so why not our hair? With my recent scalp health kick, makes perfect sense to me. The Original & Mineral Original Detox Shampoo works to dissolve build-up without striping essential oils. Australian River Mint deeply cleanses and Peppermint refreshes the hair and scalp with a cooling effect (so nice during these hot summer days). The result is shiny, bouncy hair that feels and looks revitalized.

The formula is Parbens, MIT, Sulfates, and Triclosan free. To find a local salon or order online, click here.

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