Shopbop Friends and Family Sale

Since I moved to Oklahoma four years ago (wow, time flies), I have almost exclusively shopped online. While we have some decent shopping here, it just seems like I am able to snag what I want online and it is just such a breeze. And so many lovely stores offer free shipping. But my favorite spot is by far Shopbop. Shopbop marries a wonderful collection of unique clothes and staples with exquisite customer service and free shipping. For my birthday and Christmas, I am able to create wish lists and my family knows to head there for ideas they know I’d love. Well, now that I have gushed about my #1 spot for online shopping, I wanted to share that their Friends and Family sale starts tomorrow and runs for three days (a sneak peek starts today for those of you who have shopped there before). Get 25% off with code INTHEFAM. As a favor, if you head over to shop, help support the blog and click this link: Shopbop. And if you need some inspiration, here are some of my recent favorites from Shopbop:

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