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Summer to Fall on Belle Belle Beauty

I am having that sort of hibernation inclination that can only seem to happen as the weather turns colder. Too bad the actual weather didn’t get the memo (it is in the high 80s here this week). Either way, I am in super nesting mode. I made chili, chicken and soup last night. I’ve also started on a breakfast smoothie kick with Coconut Milk, protein powder and bananas. Amazing how a weekend in California can inspire the inner foodie. Between cooking breaks, I found some things from around the web:

7 simple things to do for a healthful, youthful body.

I unearthed this column from The New York Times. I wish there were new episodes coming – I’m totally savoring the archives.

These affordable loafers look perfect for travel.

This beauty interview is a sweet insight into how women get to know and love themselves (and it also makes me want to go on a beauty shopping spree).

Loving the fall arrivals at Shopbop, especially everything Vince. I have my eye on this beauty.

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