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Dream Summer Weekend Outfit on Belle Belle Beauty

It has been so fascinating on this journey of blogging and social media these last six years. The whole landscape is always changing. Every new twist and era brings about things I love (and a couple things I hate) about being on the Web. The latest development that threw me for a loop: I got a new iPad mini (LOVE BTW) and got back into Pinterest after a long hiatus. Do you use Pinterest? One of my favorite finds from my pinning adventures lately above (also my dream weekend outfit).

And some finds from around the web:

Craving some Wander Beauty goodies especially after Hitha’s post featuring one of the founders (and a supermodel).

What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared because… well… I’m a nerd.

As evidenced above, I am coming around to ripped jeans. And I am seriously craving this pair.

Love jaclyn’s blog – she has the best affordable round-ups of sophisticated clothing.

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