A Good Hair Day With The OP Life

One day recently, I was having a chat with my twitter friend / fellow blogger / fellow Oklahoman, Irene, about her amazing hair. I am still struggling to come up with a routine after 34 years, but it always seemed she had hers down. So she’s on the blog today sharing her routine. Take it away, Irene!

Ladies (and maybe men??), you must agree with me that you feel like there is absolutely NOTHING you can’t do on a good hair day. Am I right?  You feel like you can conquer the world when you’ve got a “good hair day”.  You know what I’m talking about!  Right?

Well, I can’t say I have good hair days all the time, but I strive to do my best.  Who doesn’t want to feel amazing?  I get lots of compliments on my hair, so today I’m going to show you step by step how I do my hair when I wash and go in the morning.

First, after I have kinda towel dried my hair a bit, combed it out wet, wring all of the water out, I apply my favorite styling products.  Right now, these happen to be them….

A Good Hair Day With The OP Life // Belle Belle Beauty

Then I flip my head over and tousle my hair and get it over half dry.  Not completely dry, and no brush on this step.  I just blow thru using my fingers to get some volume in it. 

Then, I flip back up, use my brushes, both a vent and a big round brush and direct my hair in the way I want it to go.  I do it until it is dry, but not OVER done dry.  I want it freshly dried, and even if there is a tiny bit of moisture left, that’s ok (if I wont need to be rushing out the door right away).  

After this step I use my Velcro rollers and take the chunks of my hair that I want to curl, lift, or style a certain direction, and roll it up into them, holding in place with these giant “pins”. 

 A Good Hair Day With The OP Life // Belle Belle Beauty

Doing this FRESHLY after it’s dry, or even a tiny bit of moisture left in it, will help hold the set.  This is KEY!  You can’t dry your hair and 30 minutes later do this step.  The cooling down of the hair in the shape you’ve formed it in will help SET IT in place.  (Nice little trick most never knew!)

A Good Hair Day With The OP Life // Belle Belle Beauty 

I spray it over lightly with my hairspray and go about the rest of my getting ready.  Whatever that might be… getting dressed, do a few last emails, get some breakfast, etc.  But I try to keep the curlers in as long as I can.  I feel like the longer I do, the more it sets the wave, body, curl, and style I’m trying to achieve.  Loving this hairspray!

A Good Hair Day With The OP Life // Belle Belle Beauty

Finally, out the curlers go.  I tousle with my fingers and that’s it!

If I don’t feel I have the right amount of wave and curl in certain places, I simply use my curling iron on those few spots and I’m good to go.  

So there you have it.   I can thank my mom (who was a hair stylist for 40 years and in her earlier days was an esthetician) who taught me little tips and tricks and techniques to help make us more beautiful.  I hope my hair tips I shared with you today help give you a “good hair day!”

 A Good Hair Day With The OP Life // Belle Belle Beauty



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  1. Irene wrote:

    Yay! I hope your readers enjoy this!

    Published 11.3.13
  2. Cool! (no pun intended) I have marginal luck with rolling my hair, and maybe I will try to do it before it all cools off. Gorgeous girl!

    Published 11.7.13