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Lovely Links - Enjoy Every Moment // Belle Belle Beauty

I found this image on Pinterest and felt it was a nice reminder to, even when filled with stress and rushing through life, to step back and realize, each moment is worth savoring. I really feel like so many bloggers, friends and colleagues today are remarking how they are trying to slow down. Are we entering a different era, away from the go-go-go speed? I think we might. I also have been reflecting on this article Lauren shared with me about expectations common in our generation. Speaking of taking a moment, here are some of my favorite spots from around the web that I’ve come across this week:

– benefit cosmetics are coming to airports!

– love these tips on updating your Pinterest board covers.

– this is a great tutorial on lashes and highlights the exact false lashes I use myself!

– love this intro to resources for new bloggers on the bar.

– as a lover of naps, i found this WSJ article enlightening and encouraging

– thank you for all the great comments on this post about finding your passion.

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