Ignite Your Passion – Why I Chose Beauty

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This blog was set out to be purely about beauty… what works, what doesn’t. What products I love and how to use them. I frankly didn’t think it was personal. But as Belle Belle has evolved (after three years and 815 posts), particularly through my journey on Nutrisystem, I’ve discovered blogs are intensely personal. I’ve made dear friends – some of whom I count as best confidants – via blogging. And what I write about reflects me. Every day, my tone, my subject is defined by where I am in my life.

So, charged with writing about what “ignites my passion” leads me to a point of self-reflection. Someone once gave me advice that your hobbies are hobbies and work is work. I beg to differ. While I am far from an makeup artist… beauty and skin care and the science behind it lights a fire in my belly. I love working, researching and discovering in this little industry of ours – well, let’s be honest… beauty is actually a huge industry. It marries so well with wellness, health and nutrition which recently have been so important to me. My career journey has been a bit twisted with engineering, finance and law. But the real sweetness is finding that it all can come together, writing about technology in skin care, running a business and managing my very own LLC.

While blogging full time is not always a cake walk, I can say sharing trends and wonderful developments brings joy to me. And with that, I am happily celebrating my third visit to New York Fashion Week. In fact, I am on my flight this very moment to the Big Apple. I’ll be covering the latest looks for Spring 2014. But even more importantly, I’ll be in the city that defines American brands, innovation and culture. And in this information and digital age, I will relish meeting with people I work with so closely (albeit remotely) for meetings, brainstorms and dare I say a cocktail.

So cheers to those who are searching for their passion, those who have found it and those who succeed at it. I know I am doing everything I can to work within my hobby, my passion, my interests. I’m reluctant, but will say it… because it is just so true: You Only Live Once. #YOLO


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  1. Tom Taylor wrote:

    Awesome reflection, so proud of you!

    Published 9.5.13
    • Lindsay wrote:

      Thanks, Tom!

      Published 9.10.13
  2. Too true! Live is too short to do something you don’t even like… but I guess we’re lucky as we get to do the thing we love!

    Published 9.6.13
    • Lindsay wrote:

      I agree! I know it is still a hassle, but at least we enjoy it.

      Published 9.10.13
  3. Caitlin wrote:

    Love this post, Lindsay!

    Quick beauty junkie confession: I remember babysitting my neighbors when I was around 12 or 13, and while the kids played Nintendo, I was playing with their mom’s Mary Kay makeup, trying new looks in the bathroom. Not the best babysitter ever, but none the less, thinking about that now just reminds me how important it is to follow our passions, and your blog has certainly inspired me to do so.

    Keep rockin’ girl!

    PS – What is that pink blush up there? I think I need it… 🙂

    Published 9.16.13