The Top Five Products You Need For Your Next Blowout From Politics of Pretty

 The Top Five Products You Need For Your Next Blowout From Politics of Pretty // Belle Belle Beauty

I’ve been captivated by Kara’s blog, Politics of Pretty for some time now! Her beautiful site covers it all from daring to classic and all with such beautiful imagary. Today, she shares her “must haves” for the perfect blowout:

Growing up, trips to the salon for my twice-annual haircut was something I always looked forward to (mainly because fresh cut hair plus a fresh blowout meant three to four really amazing hair days). Then, blow dry bars started popping up and girls of all hair types who were craving a great blowout rejoiced. On the flip side, treating myself to salon blowouts has slowly become an addiction and it’s taken quite the toll on my wallet. So if you’re in desperate need of a blow dry spending detox, I’ve rounded up my five favorite products for the perfect DIY blowout at home.

Drybar Happy Hour Shampoo and Weightless Conditioner. Never mind the fact that I’m a shampoo and conditioner chameleon—lately I can’t get enough of Drybar’s sweet smelling shampoo and conditioner.

Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Crème. Before I discovered this drugstore gem, I was a hair product mixologist as I tried to combine different products in hopes of yielding some pretty spectacular results. What it ended up doing? Turning my mane in to a ball of grease. This styling cream is a one-step miracle (think frizz control, heat protection, brilliant shine, among others) without having to combine with anything else. Love!

A Paddle Brush, any paddle brush. I have naturally straight hair so a soft paddle brush is my go-to when I’m styling a straight and sleek look.  For some reason, round brushes don’t always work in my favor.

Jose Eber Infrared Blow Dryer. I’m always careful about protecting my hair from damaging blow dryer heat, but this innovative infrared dryer by Jose Eber infuses a gentle heat at the hair cuticle, not to mention decreases drying time in half. I am always on the go so this dryer is a time saver for sure!

Serge Normant Meta Revive Volumizing Dry Shampoo. While I have a slew of sample size dry shampoos in my hair arsenal, I always find myself reaching for this spray. I’m attracted to its cedar bark scent and its quick-to-dry (two minutes!) formula. Just a few light sprays keep my hair looking clean and healthy for an extra day.

Click on over to my blog, Politics of Pretty, with my top tips and tricks on how to use these products for the perfect blowout.

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