I Heart Heels Talks Hair on Belle Belle!


Nothing like a little vacation for an excuse to have the beautiful Julie from I Heart Heels over on Belle Belle! This Southern Beauty is just down the road from me in Arkansas and always seems to have her mane in tip top shape. So what better than a little tutorial on how she gets those locks looking so good. Take it away, Julie!

My Hair Secrets Uncovered

Use A Sulfate-Free Shampoo
Back in the old days, I used so many “natural” shampoos I would barely give another a try. They just didn’t work. Until I found my golden gem in Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo/Conditioner. It just so happens to be sulfate free…which means what, you ask? Besides cutting down on nasty chemicals, this formula actually reduces color fading (or in my case highlight fading) – a major plus. Sulfates can strip the hair, so a sulfate-free shampoo makes tresses look healthier (and there’s less hair loss, seriously).

Don’t Wash Every Day
I used to wash my hair every day – no more. And psst…I have oily hair. I promise your hair gets used to it the more you skip a day. Plus, with long hair, it’s almost a must – whew. By washing every other day, you’re allowing your hair to breathe. Not to mention, you’re not putting as much heat on it since you’re not blow-drying as often. Second day hair = the best. It’s much more manageable and doesn’t look so “fixed.” Which leads me to the next secret…

Use Dry Shampoo In Between Washes
There are countless dry shampoos out there now – in both powder and spray formulas. I like them all for different reasons (although Got2b makes some pretty sweet ones that are affordable). Gone are the days of using baby powder. Dry shampoo is your ticket to freedom from washing your hair every day, if you have oily hair like me. (And I feel like it brings out my highlights!)

Let It Air Dry
When you can, skip the blow-dry! Your hair will thank you in the end. It’s easy for me to say since I have naturally wavy hair, but I just spritz leave-in sea salt spray after my shower (love Ouidad) to cut down on frizz, turn the dryer on cool for a wee bit and let it dry overnight. In the morning, I work a comb through it very gently and voila!

Find a Good Stylist
They key to great hair is really finding a superstar stylist. I went for years with the same one because it felt safe. Until a few years ago I tried someone new and now can’t believe I didn’t switch long ago! If color is your thing, find someone who really knows their hues. Or maybe you’re all about the cut? Look at people whose hair you love and ask them where they go. I found my superstar stylist through my mom of all people! 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to indulge in the occasional blowout. And it doesn’t have to be a special blow-dry bar – your very own salon should offer one. Whether your hair is already straight or curly…there’s really nothing like being pampered this way! xo

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