Nutrisystem Week 31

Nutrisystem Week 31 // Belle Belle Beauty

This week, I gained 1.0 pound for a total weight loss of 33.6 pounds. Talk about discouraging. But…. I have done a little cheating this week. Let’s just say, I might have fallen off the wagon. I indulged in two sandwiches – big ones. And might have had a pretzel in the airport… whoopsie. But, I did run this week. Either way, I knew something was going to need to change. If I am going to meet my goal of 11 more pounds by the end of July, I had to make an adjustment.

So, for the first time in my 30 weeks on Nutrisytem, I enlisted the help of their counselors. Man, I wish I had earlier! They have live chat, email or phone support if any question or concern arises while you are on the Nutrisystem program. And let me tell you, these guys know their stuff.

First, my counselor pointed out that she thinks I’m not eating enough! She’s said it is possible that I am putting my body into starvation mode. The meals, proteins and carbs on the menu are expertly designed for weight loss… she encouraged me to get them all into my daily diet. So, step 1: Eat More!

Secondly, my counselor pointed out that, because I was running, the “SmartCarb” portion of the program was even more crucial. She encouraged me to add some orange juice into my diet to fuel my workouts. Did she say orange juice??? It is one of my most favorite things! So I am thrilled to have that as a SmartCarb option, especially right before an exercise session.

Lastly, also related to my running, she wasn’t surpised that I had hit a plateau since I had started hitting the pavement. In fact, I met another Nutrisystem member who also experienced this problem. The counselor pointed out that I was gaining muscle and those muscles were also retaining water. I was thrilled that she said most runners push through this plateau after about five weeks – the amount of time I’ve been running.

So, while this week was a gain, I have learned so much. I am excited to hit the grocery store and Nutrisystem meals with great gusto and I still believe I can hit my goal by July 31st!

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