Nutrisystem Week 30 Update

Nutrisystem Week 30 Update // Belle Belle Beauty

This week, I lost 0.4 pounds for a total weight loss of 34.6 pounds. And trust me… I am celebrating. That’s because today is my BIRTHDAY! I am so thrilled to ring in my 34th almost 35 pounds lighter. I am certainly a happier and healthier woman than last year. Admittedly, this week I indulged and had some good times with friends. And I am certainly going to do so tonight. While I think there is always room for a little indulgence, especially on a birthday, I have found I am actually happier when I try hard every day. When I exercise, eat diligently and sleep well, I look better and feel better. So (for tonight), CHEERS! And tomorrow, it is back to the races.

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