New SimpleSense Tool from Simple Skincare

New SimpleSense Tool from Simple Skincare // Belle Belle Beauty

I am a total sucker for personalization. If your skin is anything like mine, it doesn’t just fall cleanly into one category. It can be dry, sensitive and even break out. Beyond that, I’ve come to focus more and more on routines like nutrition, sleep and exercise – outside of products – and how they affect my complexion.

Simple Skincare must have heard my tune, because their newest tool looks not only at your skincare regimen, but also your diet, exercise, lifestyle and stress levels to determine a routine for better skin. The Simple Sense questionnaire only takes about five minutes, but is a great way to take inventory of how you are treating your skin.

After answering questions, I had an ah-ha moment. Of the three focus areas Simple suggested I hone into, one was sleep. It really needs to be more of a priority for me. Another was “Polish”, so important for that radiant skin I crave. Swing by the Simple Skincare website and take Simple Sense and let me know in the comments if you had any ah-ha moments with your results!

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an Influencer in the Simple® Skincare Program.  Visit to share your story on sensitive skin.

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