Nutrisystem Week 19

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This week, I lost 0.2 pounds for a total weight loss of 29.0 pounds. As you read this, I’ll be soaking up the sun and salt at the beach. So excited to celebrate approaching the 30 pound mark with some oldest and bestest friends. So, yes… I am celebrating. But after this journey, what am I really wanting to indulge in? For me, my appetite has changed a bit. Instead of fried fish and fries, I am craving oysters, shrimp, fruit and a glass of white wine. After investing so much time and energy, it is almost like your body decides it craves things differently. And to make sure I hit that 30 pound mark next week, the running shoes are coming with me.

And just in time for some celebration – for those of you who have had a great run on Nutrisystem, check out this $40,000 Nutrisystem Giveaway. Yes… I said 40K. Now through May 22nd, Nutrisystem wants to hear success stories, past or present. Click here to enter.

One more peice of news: did you see Melissa Joan Hart as was announced this week as Nutrisystem’s latest brand ambassador? An amazing 20 pounds in 10 weeks. Way to go, Melissa!

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