The Late Winter Eye in Five Steps

The Late Winter Eye in Five Steps // Belle Belle Beauty

Sometimes, I get in a makeup rut. But sometimes that is only because it works so darn well for my mood, season, trends, etc. I’ve reached for these same five products so many times over the last couple of weeks, I had to share.

note: I know so many artists suggest applying foundation and concealer after eye makeup because of fallout. But for some reason, I just have a hard time evaluating when I don’t have a clean complexion. Plus, for this simple look, you don’t have too much risk for rogue eye makeup. So after foundation, concealer, tinted moisturizer and/or powder… here’s what’s next:

1. First, I use this to prep the eye and eliminate any redness in my eyelid.

2. I love eyeliner… a lot. And I use two different eyeliners because they do two very different things. First up, Dior Crayon Waterproof Eyeliner in Trinidad Black. I use this just like a Kohl eyeliner. I push the pigment into the base of my lashes on the under side. My technique is closing my eyes around the pencil and dragging it outwards. This takes practice but ensures even and quick application. Then I make sure to apply on my waterline on my lower lid.

3. I dug this gem out from my archives a couple weeks ago. I had forgotten how lovely it is! Using this brush, I apply Estée Lauder Pure Color Gelée Powder Eyeshadow Cyber Copper just up to my crease. That’s it! I’m all about simple when it comes to eyeshadow. If I am feeling motivated, I use this shade on my brow bones for a highlight.

4. And now for my second eyeliner. The NARS ‘Stylo’ Liquid Eyeliner in Carpates is a dream to use. The liquid stays put and the well designed pen allows for precision in both thick and thin lines. I place the pen just on the top of my lashes, right at the root, all the way across my lash line. If you are a cat eye fan, add a flick at the end.

5. Last but not least, mascara. I am a big believer in drugstore mascara mostly because I am vigilant in tossing a tube after three months. CoverGirl LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara, Water Resistant in Very Black is my current favorite. I get loads of volume and length but induvidual lashes still look feathery and separated.

The final look:

The Late Winter Eye in Five Steps The Final Look // Belle Belle Beauty

Speaking of Dior, attention Dior fans and Tulsa readers: today marks the launch of Spotlight on Dior, a make-up collection designed to compliment Raf Simons’ first ready to wear line for Christian Dior.

Spotlight on Dior Collection // Belle Belle Beauty

The collection is available exclusively at Saks and features:

  • Diorshow Art Pen, a high precision, felt-tip eyeliner for creating the perfect catwalk eye
  • Dior Twin Set Eyeshadow Duo in Fishnet Black, shadow stick and blending powder in deep black
  • Diorshow Flash Corrector Pen, a correcting pen that removes makeup mishaps in a single swipe
  • Diorshow Mono Eyeshadows in shades of purple, orange, crimson, aqua and shimmering white
  • Dior 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow in Iridescent Leather
  • Dior Vernis in shades from from cool aqua to bold purple

Come celebrate the launch at Saks Fifth Avenue Tulsa on Saturday, March 16 from 10 to 5 pm. Enjoy wine and sweet treats and get Beauty advice from Regional Dior Artist, Erik Martinez. To book an appointment with Erik or learn more about the Spotlight on Dior Collection, please contact Amanda Viles, Saks Fifth Avenue Marketing Director at 9183.744.0200 ext. 203.

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  1. Alexis wrote:

    MAC Paintpots are a life saver for prepping my eyes for any kind of makeup. What’s funny is that when I sent a friend to the MAC counter to buy it she explained to the woman who worked there what she was using it for and was looked at like she was crazy. I guess not everyone has figured out how awesome it is as a base!

    Published 3.15.13