Latest and Greatest from Xen-Tan

Latest and Greatest from Xen-Tan // Belle Belle Beauty

Here’s another little idea for your Neiman Marcus Beauty Event shopping bag. In anticipation of spring, I’ve been test driving the newest Xen-Tan products. I was frankly already hooked (see here and here), but these guys made me fall even harder. What’s best, is you can really get a formula that best suits you with these two very different approaches to self-tanner.

First up, the Moroccan Weekly Medium Self-Tan is most like a traditional self-tanner in that the formula is pigmented. I mean really really pigmented. It comes out of the tube in a deep, rich chocolate. The consistency is thin and silky. While it takes some time to evenly apply the pigment, the immediate result is a beautiful bronze. The upside to the coloring is you can tell where you’ve applied the tanner.

After eight hours, I get a brown-based, rich but still medium color on my light skin. While it did dry quickly, I’d be very hesitant to wear light clothing until you shower just due to the coloring. As with all Xen-Tan products, the smell is completely pleasant with a tropical touch. Bonus points for the collagen building peptides to improve the look of skin.

Secondly (and probably my favorite) is Luminous Gold Gel Sparkle Weekly Medium Self-Tan. This totally clear, thin gel is a breeze to apply. While you don’t have the advantage of seeing where you’ve already applied product, I feel a little more carefree using the gel. It seems to work its way onto the skin a little easier. And you can absolutely put on any white or light clothing worry-free. 

While you don’t get that immediate bronze glow, there is an iridescent gold shimmer that gives a dewy, glam look. This might be ideal for maintaining a tan – the gold accents existing bronze and you don’t need that immediate golden effect. Or you can add this to Moroccan Weekly Medium Self-Tan for a both shimmer and bronze look. Like Moroccan Weekly Medium Self-Tan, the final result was a brown-based, rich but still medium color.

Disclaimer: weird leg photo ahead (I do this for you, dear readers). On the left, Moroccan Weekly Medium Self-Tan and the right Luminous Gold Gel Sparkle Weekly Medium Self-Tan immediately after applying. After eight hours, they look exactly the same (same pigment as left). Second disclaimer, I am so so so so pale.

Pale Legs on Xen-Tan // Belle Belle Beauty

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