Scrub Soaps

I recently passed along some samples of scrub soap along to beau beau, my male guinea pig. After trying them out for a couple weeks, he couldn’t help but rave. So much so that I needed to hunt some down for myself. These soaps slough skin with physical exfoliators like oat bran. I was concerned about irritation, but these guys both got my skin extraordinarily clean without injuring delicate areas. It was so helpful in tackling dry elbows, feel and backs of arms.

Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap may technicallly be a men’s product, but ladies, you will want to borrow this one. It is designed for thicker skin, with natural oat bran, oat kernal and pumice. The soap itself has a refreshing scent and lathers while you work on your tougher skin. I prefer this to the standard pumice as it cleans and is slightly gentler. For those of you with men who have rough skin, this will soften without leaving an overly feminine fragrance.

If you prefer a little more bang for your buck, Bliss Mammoth Minty Scrub Soap is an ENORMOUS bar of soap that is well designed, effective and refreshing. Not only is the bar large, but it is hard-milled making it extra long lasting. Jojoba beads offer a gentler exfoliation. And the mint oil make it superbly refreshing.

Jack Black, of lip balm fame, makes a ‘Turbo Body Bar™’ Scrubbing Soap that offers that deep clean men seem to crave. There is a good amount of lather and hydration (murumuru and shea butters) in this bar, along with exfoliation. The scent is invigorating with natural blue lotus and ginkgo biloba making it a dream for early mornings. Natural lava rock is a hefty but gentle exfoliator.

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