Natura Bissé Diamond Life Infusion

Natura Bissé Diamond Life Infusion is probably one of the most luxurous serums I have tried to date. I already swoon over anything Natura Bissé (check out the review of my favorite peel here) and it was a pleasure to try their latest and greatest. Diamond Life Infusion uses their diamond delivery system for deep penetration of 16 anti-aging ingredients.

This serum uses a natural magnetite to extend the life span of skin cells. The Bio-Magnet Nanosomes provide retinoid-like rejuvenation without those nasty side effects. Like other serums, this is a concentrate of the most active ingredients to promise the most potent of results. In vitro test (Gene array analysis of 64 skin-specific genes) revealed that skin looked appeared 3.9 years younger after seven days.

I’ve had this in the rotation for a little over a month, using on the face and decollete area, and I am already hooked on the luminous glow it gives. The creamy, spa-scented consistency is perfect to work in via a little mini-massage. I do think it helped me heal from massive dryness caused by an bump in my retinol prescription. And it is capable of preventing formation of dark spots. This would be a real asset in recovering from surgery or procedures. It has the properties of La Mer The Concentrate with a more nourishing feel.

I recognize this is super pricey for a small 25 mL/ 0.8 fl. oz. pump. However, Natura Bissé is known for producing products with absolute cutting edge technology. The company was started with a skin care line featuring free-form amino acids in 1979, and continues to be known for its innovative products. Diamond Life Infusion is a highly concentrated, super charged serum with loads of active ingredients. And the proven results make it all the more worth it.

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