Brush on Block

Brush on Block is water and sweat resistant SPF 30 that you apply via a self-dispensing fluffy brush. The formula contains broad-spectrum physical sunscreen – in other words, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide – which I find to be gentler on my sensitive skin. Mineral powder is also preferable for those with acne-prone skin, preventing break-outs and clogged pores that lotion or spray SPFs can cause.

While it looks like there isn’t much product, this should last 3-4 months with regular use. I’ve been using it for the past couple weeks and haven’t put a dent in it. You can wear this under makeup, but I actually like the translucent finish this gives over my makeup. And you avoid the whole greasy situation that can wreak beauty havoc. I love being able to sweep it on hard to protect areas like around my nose and on my ears.

There are lots of beneficial ingredients in there too. Green Tea Leaf Extract is a natural antioxidant while Safflower Seed Oil is an emollient that moisturizes and protects the skin and both Chamomile Extract and Honeysuckle help prevent skin inflammation and irritation.

And moms: this is safe for kiddos over 6 months old. It might even be easier to use than lotion and sprays, not to mention a breeze to travel with.

Brush on Block is part of the Susan Posnick family. Susan Posnick, former celebrity makeup artist, developed a makeup line that focuses on substantial sun protection. I am already a huge fan of her COLORDUO Lip Pencil. Get your Brush on Block at


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