Viviscal Report #2

Average hair growth is about 6 inches per year or 1/2 inch per month. When I measured my strands for this second Viviscal update, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to remeasure and remeasure. Until, I finally realized: yes, my hair did grow an inch and a half. 1.5 inches. In a month. When I (repeatedly) measured at the cowlick, my hair is 14 inches long (compared to 12.5 inches on July 30th).

This drug-free formula sped up my hair growth approximately three-fold. I assume some parts of the year, hair grows faster. But even adjusting for seasonality, this is impressive results.

My hair is slightly more oily, a somewhat expected side effect. There is a component of fish oil in the supplements. But this is something I am happy to exchange for fuller, healthier locks. Actually, the change in moisture actually tamed frizz – that and my new favorite hair oil.

I’ve also heard that users find their body hair grows faster. I cannot attest to this as I am a huge fan of laser hair removal. But I could swear my lashes and brows are fuller and longer.

I’ll check back in after month two of my trial! For more details on Viviscal, check out my first post here.

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