NARS Fall 2012: Let’s Get Sparkly

You don’t really expect to see loads of shimmer this time of year. Maybe that is why I love it so in NARS recent Fall collection. And maybe the fact that we haven’t been under 100 degrees here in weeks. So an eyeshadow that evokes “icy wind” and a glittery versatile stick? Bring it. I just can’t wait for fall.

I must admit, when I got my paws on the newest Multiple, I slathered it on my eyes, face and lips. NARS Multiple Stick in Undress Me does have some substantial glitter and essentially nude base. But it WORKS. The powder finish makes it long lasting. It is slightly noticeable and flirty without being overdone. Other Multiple favorites include G-Spot (if you want more rosy gold) and Cococabana (click on the links for previous reviews). I love these for highlighters and cheek color.

Now, for the “icy wind” aka NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Vent Glace. I think the smokey eye might be a bit overplayed. This summer, the combination of platinum and silver smoke with defined liquid liner just hits the right note. It is most certainly frosted, but makes you look a little bit more awake. If you don’t wish to go full-bore frosty, this duo makes a great highlighter for the inner corners of the eyes or along the brow bone. And if you want a full on metallic lid, layer this on with Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base.

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