Self Tanning Towelette Winners

The best way I’ve found to tan streak-free and on the go this summer is using the self-tanner towelettes. Two brands have become my favorite and they are ever so slightly different. But I will definitely be keeping both of em close by over the summer. That and loads of SPF.

Kate Somerville Somerville360°Tanning Towelettes and Somerville360° Face Tanning are champions at a quick and even tan. They have a lighter, natural looking glow that appears in about 2-4 hours. You can go deeper in color with another application. But their subtlety makes them perfect for those on the fairer side. They are so simple to use. I wear latex gloves when handling the towelette to keep my hands from being overly tanned. Just swipe the back of hands right as you finish application. Give yourself 10 minutes to let the product soak in and then you are ready to go. The paraben-free formula contains:

  • Anti-bacterial Melaleuca Alternigolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil
  • Calming Cucumber Fruit Extract
  • Soothing Vitamin C and E antioxidants

The face tanning pads are just as easy to use. Place two fingers in the sleeve of the self tanning pad. Peel off the seal to expose product. Using circular motions, gently apply to clean, dry face and neck. The effect is also natural and just sun-kissed. The formula works with your skin’s own proteins to cater a perfect color. It also has anti-aging properties (peptides that can diminish fine lines). I’ve found that the color is on the lighter side, again ideal for the fairer complexions. You can deepen the color with a second application.

Exfoliation always improves self-tanning results. Try ExfoliKate for the body and face before using the Somerville 360.

Now, at Neiman Marcus you can receive Two 360 Tanning Towelettes and ExfoliKate, 0.5oz with any $150 Kate Somerville purchase.

I’m equally smitten with Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Glow Pads and Glow Pads For Body With Active Vitamin D. These pads deliver slightly more color than Somerville 360. I use the same application technique with latex gloves. Both the body and face pads contain Active Vitamin D, which helps in absorption of other anti-aging and anti-oxidant ingredients. The pads exfoliate with Alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids, tightening pores, eliminating blackheads, and fading existing sunspots. Microencapsulated DHA and soy proteins deliver color deep into the skin to prevent fading. And believe it or not, these pads contain Capislo™ which can reduce the need to shave by minimizing hair texture, length, and growth. The final result is a deeper and very even tan.

This product is gentle enough for all skin types, vegan, and cruelty-free. And slightly more affordable of the two options.

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  1. Laura wrote:

    i follow you on bloglovin,
    follow me back? xx

    Published 6.5.12
  2. Farah wrote:

    I’m always worried that the towelettes will streak. No??

    Published 6.5.12
    • Lindsay wrote:

      Actually, I think they streak less. I go make sure to go over the area multiple times, blending well. I have never had either of these towelettes come out streaky.

      Published 6.5.12