Le Métier de Beauté ‘Kaleidoscope’ Blush Kit

If you are a blush junkie (or a Le Métier de Beauté fanatic), heads up on their newest Kaleidoscope. Somehow, the LMdB team, pulled together a set of universally flattering and fully satisfying blushes. While the other Kaleidoscopes have encouraged layering all the colors, I think this set works better using one or two shades on their own.

The shades from top to bottom: a matte apricot orange, a matte vibrant rose, a shimmering gold, and a frosty pink. Layers two and three together quickly became my favorite. The gold tempers the vibrant rose and adds a bit of highlight. The gold also makes for a beautiful eyeshadow. The powder is very finely milled so there is no caking or dusky look.

The advantage of the kit is any look you desire is immediately at your fingertips! I tend to get quite a bit of pigment with these shades, but they blend beautifully into a sheer color. This is now part of Le Métier de Beauté permanent collection.

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  1. care (@CareJustCares) wrote:

    What a gorgeous set of blushes … unfortunately Le Metier does not at this time ship to Canada because if they did .. you can bet I’d be ordering this! oxo Care

    Published 5.31.12
  2. Blake wrote:

    I do wear the gold as an eyeshadow and it’s gorgeous!

    Published 5.31.12