Miracle Skin™ Transformer Body SPF 20

Unfortunately, I have loads of redness in my skin.  And I suffer from Keratosis pilaris, a VERY common skin condition in which a protein in the skin called keratin forms hard plugs within hair follicles. This appears as red, bumpy skin, usually on the back of your arms. So, I was thrilled to find this one-step skin enhancer that doesn’t necessarily cover skin imperfections but evens them out. Plus, it contains a UVA/UVB SPF 20.

I know this will be a life saver in the summer. But it has already come in pretty handy. For these holiday party cocktail dresses, there is no shortage of bare skin. I have used the Miracle Skin on my arms and legs. It gives legs an even and glowing appearance which actually makes you look longer and leaner. As the eye travels, it isn’t distracted by unevenness and imperfection. And I don’t care how much people tell me they are in fashion again – I just won’t do nude hose.

Miracle Skin Transformer is definitely a workhorse with SPF 20 and antioxidants. The finish is hydrated but mostly matte. This is achieved with a naturally derived silicone formulation that improves skin texture, minimizes fine lines and pores, and reduces pigmentation spots over time. It also uses the M3 Complex to deliver Vitamin A, K, E, and enzyme Q10 for long-term improvement of skin texture. While I would love to say I use this regularly, I generally save it for special occasions, so I can’t speak to long term benefits.

I have the middle shade, Glow Enhancer, which is just enough coverage for my natural skin tone with a slight shimmer and increased depth of color. It is also available in Sheer Enhancer (lighter) and Bronze Enhancer (darker). Swatches from Sephora below:

The middle shade can be a little messy, especially if you are wearing black. So beware if you are wearing tight fitting clothes.  But it did beautifully with my short, black cocktail dress with no transfer.

As a side note, Miracle Skin Transform founder, Sarah McNamara, is a corporate beauty vetaran. She launched her products largely on the foundation of social media – very cool. She also believes that “consumers are choosing to buy less in order to buy better, reflecting a desire for products that possess greater meaning in their lives.” She understands that beauty consumers are savvier than ever, and I know that is something all of us are thrilled to hear.


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