Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone Brightening Activator

Dr. Nicholas Perricone recently launched a second line of skin care based on the power of super foods to aid in aging and general appearance of the skin. I can get on board with this concept. I do, after all, look better when I eat right. And the packaging on these cheerful products were like candy. I couldn’t resist.

I picked up the Brightening Activator that promises to exfoliate, saturate, and activate the complexion while toning the skin. While it is marketed as a supercharged liquid, it feels very watery to me. It does add that second step of cleanliness, like any other toner. But I am not sure it was revolutionary in “prepping” the skin. That being said, it isn’t designed to strip so it played nicely with my sensitive skin. I had zero irritation even though it does contain: carotenoids, ferulic acid, lactic acid, and phytic acids.  I couldn’t detect any exfoliation, but I did feel somewhat hydrated. And my skin care that came after the toner went on really well.

Bottom line: I am not sure this is an active ingredient that will, on its own, improve the appearance of the skin. But those who have dry and uneven skin might like the mild exfoliation. I love the pump dispenser, but I am not too crazy about the mango scent.

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