One Love Organics

This week, I was lucky enough to try a some of the most valuable players from the One Love Organics line.  The Essentials to Go kit includes: travel sizes of Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser, Brand New Day Microderma Scrub and Masque, Skin Savior Waterless Multi Balm,  My New Best Friend Skin Shammy and a Love Springs Eternal Youth Serum.   I love their philosophy of a select few necessary products that are hand-made and hand-filled, using ethically sourced raw materials.

The true rockstars in this line are the serum and the Balm.  Rachel Zoe has already given her blessing to the skin savior Waterless Multi Balm. The balm is made of cold-pressed plant oils, beeswax and vanilla extract and can be used for cleansing, moisturizing, conditioning, smoothing and massaging. I have been using mine on my hair, cuticles and feet.  I even followed the tips and applied to my dry face, massaged and removed with the included shammy.  Not bad but I did miss that foamy clean feeling.  But the balm is a wonderful summer tool for heels, hair and hands.

The love springs eternal Youth Preservation Serum has a pleasant herbal smell, likely due to the natural goodness ingredients.  It reminds me of Tammy Fender products for those who are familiar.  The serum includes: watermelon seed oil, Bulgarian Rose Oil and D’Orientine S. D’Orientine S is a plant-derived ingredient extracted from the date-palm kernel.  It has been clinically proven to prevent wrinkles and fight free radicals (source:  This serum is hydrating but not too oily.

One Love Organics is a beautiful line with honest, organic products.  Thrilled to have it in my routine.

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