Kate Somerville® ‘Clinic-to-Go™’ Resurfacing Peel Pads

If you are ready to stop messing around and really have your way with your skin, try this. These Resurfacing Peel Pads are a professional-strength peel achieved through 16 individual pads.

My skin can be dry and sensitive, so a couple months ago I turned to these as an alternative to a regular, in-office peel.  The worker-bee ingredient is lactic acid (along with myrtle extract and sage leaf extract).  It is applied through these really handy pads that slide over your fingers.  To apply, buff your face with these slightly exfoliating pads.  There can be a little tingle but nothing that stings or irritates.

Kate (we are on a first name basis) instructs you to use twice a week for 4 weeks.  But even after the first three or four uses, I found my dark spots were fading and my pores looked smaller.  I was only slightly red after use.  But was back to normal in an hour.  Plus, this wasn’t an issue since I did this in the evenings.

A lot of my benefits have disappeared with being in the sun this summer.  But I know exactly what to turn to in the Fall to improve the appearance of my skin without a trip to my doctor’s for a peel.

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