Lipstick Queen Medieval-Tinted Treatment

Ever crave just a pinch of color while healing chapped lips and improving the health of your pucker? Yeah, me too.  That’s is why I love Medieval-Tinted Treatment.  The woman behind the brand has been magnificently successful lately.  J. Crew and Kate Spade took notice of her fabulous products and have recently launched collaborations.

The treatment is inspired by customs from the Medieval times when full coverage lipstick was considered a sin.  Lipstick Queen manages to achieve that stained look with an amazing amount of moisture.  It is a very subtle shade of pink that just hints at color.  There is no need for liner, precise application or even a mirror.  And the Vitamin E in the treatment makes it a virtual double for lip balm.

The J. Crew collection is sold out for now, but get the original on QVC.

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