Le Métier de Beauté Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe Tinted Treatment

We are about the enter the world of luxury cosmetics – hang on tight! Peau Vierge has made its ride from relative unknown to cult status to luxury standout.  No wonder this isn’t just a little tinted moisturizer but also a foundation, sun protection, anti-aging  and illuminizer. 

As far as coverage, I think this falls squarely between a lightweight foundation and tinted moisturizer.  I tend to get fairly comprehensive coverage but don’t feel weighed down.  Unlike other tinted moisturizers, there is definitely a radiance with Peau Virage – something I enjoy so much, I generally skip powder. 

Sounds pretty good, right? Let’s not stop there.  Even with light coverage, this formula has SPF 20.  The way it blends allows me to cover my face all the way down my decolletage so I know I am protected beyond my face when I use this product. 

Because this product contains powerful anti-aging ingredients, I encourage everyone to ask LOTS of questions about Retinol it contains and potential effects on your skin.  For this reason, I have used this product for over two months before I felt okay offering a review.  My skin looks healthier, although I do not sense a highly active Retinol treatment.  For instance, when I use the Retinol my dermatologist prescribes, I have sensitivity, redness and, sometimes, peeling.  But my dark spots are dramatically reduced and my pores are clear and small.  With Peau Vierge, my skin looks smoother, more radiant and clearer (a more subtle Retinol effect).   Le Métier de Beauté uses a distinctive delivery technology that claims to provide Retinol more efficiently and effectively.

While I first tried this product over a year ago, I didn’t purchase it until they released Shade 1 recently.  Even though there are only three shades, I think they are comprehensive enough to satisfy most skin shades:


  • Shade 01 LightShade 1: a light, creamy tone with peach undertones
  • Shade 02 Light/MediumShade 2: neutral beige
  • Shade 03 Medium/DarkShade 3: a deeper tone with golden undertones

Available at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus

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