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LUMA Hair Straightening 3D Ceramic Brush

LUMA Hair Straightening 3D Ceramic Brush on Belle Belle Beauty

My fellow blogger, Victoria, always has great finds. I hate to admit how many times I have blindly and impulsively hit BUY on many of them.  But I do willingly admit I always love what she recommends. While Victoria mentioned the LUMA, she hadn’t pulled the trigger but you better bet I did. And I love my new tool that is making my mornings a breeze.

The design feels a little bit more sleek than it appears above and is surprisingly lightweight. It gets hot just like a straight iron, but with exposed ceramic (so take care around kids). I have been sleeping on wet hair and taming the wavy and frizzy bits in the AM. I love the increased volume at roots but with the same sleek strands as a blowout. And it takes only about three minutes. Now, granted I am not a perfectionist but I think their claim of 10 times faster than an iron could be close. Being able to brush under my hair and covering a lot of ground with one pass really speeds things up.

Available at Amazon.

Kleenex Cotton Soft Pads

Kleenex Cotton Soft Pads on Belle Belle Beauty

I really try to be very low maintainance and am generally great with rolling with the punches. But every once in a while I try something that sets the bar really high and there is just no going back. That’s kind of how I feel about regular ole cotton pads now that I have experienced the Kleenex Cotton Soft Pads.

These pads are made of a micro-fine fabric making them ultra-soft. There is far less lint then any other ball or pad I have tried. And the unique texture leaves absolutely nothing behind. They are about twice the size of cotton rounds, but the shape of a curved rectangle. It is almost decadent how big they are, making them perfect for washing or removing nail polish. I use them for toner and the size is so large, I can take two passes with one pad.

If you want to up your cotton game, check out the Kleenex Soft Pads at www.kleenex.com/facialcleansing for $4.99 for an 85-pack.

bareMinerals Brushes and Concealer

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 4.23.55 PM

Back when I first got to know bareMinerals in those days right after college graduation, the brand was affordable, great for acne-prone skin and based on the then unfamiliar “mineral makeup” approach. Fast forward to fifteen years later (yikes – that went fast!) and the brand has maintained its affordable price point. But the formulas have evolved with luxury-level formulas. And the same can be said for their tools. The brushes are not only beautifully made but also really really great at application.

Right now, Nordstrom is featuring a bare brush bar. It is the spot to stock up on what has become an encompassing collection. bareMinerals Smoothing Face Brush and bareMinerals® Angled Face Brush are my long time favorites.

Recently, I picked up bareMinerals ‘bareSkin’ Complete Coverage Serum Concealer (love the bareSkin collection). This thin, easy-to-apply tube of concealer covers dark circles without looking cakey. Antioxidant lilac plant stem cells and mineral optics brighten skin. And the formula hydrates my dry, winter under-eye skin. I’ve been using it with my new bareMinerals® ‘Maximum Coverage’ Concealer Brush – another favorite to add to the collection.


PMD Personal Microderm Personal Microderm System

PMD Personal Microderm Personal Microderm System on Belle Belle Beauty

I fell in love with a version of microderm thanks to the amazing talents of a Mr. Gabriel Horn here in Tulsa. There was something about that manual exfoliation that just set skin aglow. But with the new work gig, it is hard to sneak away for facials. And just my luck, a similar tool is now available for at-home use. While I know it isn’t a professional level facial, I love it when I know I need a mid-week refresh.

PMD Personal Microderm Personal Microderm System combines an exfoliating disk with a unique vacuum that can literally suck up dead, dull skin and increase blood flow. This in turn helps stimulate collagen and elastin. Right now, radiant and glowing skin is all the rage (in fact, when is it not aside from the matte phase every now and then?) And this little tool really delivers.

Their patented spinning skin is covered with aluminum oxide crystals. Thanks to these gems, we can avoid all the issues with manual exfoliation. The vacuum suction pulls blood flow to the surface of skin to increase circulation – crucial for anti-aging efforts. This causes a healing process, boosting collagen and elastin.

I was a little concerned that a “professional-grade” tool would cause my skin to become red. But the system comes with three different types of disks, including a training white version so you can make sure you’re using the tool without side effects. Also included with the tool is a facial cap (designed to be used on the face) and cap that adapts the disk to a more active body-appropriate microderm. Last, there is a filter.

If you are like me and need an occasional at-home boost, consider adding this to your tool arsenal. They have done a great job with professional-like efficacy and safe at-home use. Not to mention glowing and exfoliated skin.

Samples generously provided by Neiman Marcus as part of the Beauty Ambassador Program. I consult for Neiman Marcus which is affiliated with the Neiman Marcus Group, but as always, opinions are my own.

Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution

Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution on Belle Belle Beauty

I drank the Clarisonic kool-aid years ago and the devices have been a part of my routine ever since. I’ve used the Plus, Mia and Pedi, all with stellar results. But regular readers here know my biggest beef is hyper-pigmentation and a general lack of radiance. So the newest Clarisonic really had me pumped. After releasing earlier this year, I finally got my paws on the newest system and I can say I am a total convert and this is my top choice from the Clarisonic family.

Sonic Radiance comes with a device and brightening formulas just in the nick of time to erase our summer skin sins and achieving a winter glow. The system includes the newest Aria – one I hadn’t tried. While I can’t tell a huge difference, I like the technologically-advanced charger and lighter weight.

The brush head is new as well – a Radiance Brush Head – full of dense but soft filaments that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Note: remember not to push the brush against the skin but allow it to lightly touch skin, loosening debris and preventing redness. The pearl pink is a little less shocking than the traditional pink Plus model and it is feminine without being over the top.

I’ve always enjoyed the cleansers that come with the Clarisonic devices but I really love the included products in this version including a morning cleanser, a nighttime peel wash, and a brightening serum (Clarisonic’s first-ever leave-on treatment.) All three products and the device work together to improve acne spots, blotchiness and sun damage. I’ve been using the products and device day and night for two weeks and see imrpovement, particularly with darkness on my cheeks.

The cleansers are foamy and work well against the residue of the day. I do like removing makeup beforehand with a wipe – my favorite these days is this one. That way, makeup doesn’t transfer to the brush head and the products can really work to improve the look of skin.

The Skin Illuminating Cleanser is designed for the AM and gently cleanses and exfoliates skin. The Skin Renewing Peel Wash, my favorite, is creamier and foamier designed for use at night. Then the real gem: the new Brightening Activator Serum can be used morning and night. The combo of treatments allows for potent action and visible results but while still nourishing skin.

Kit includes: Clarisonic Aria, Universal Voltage Charger, Radiance Brush Head, 6 oz Skin Illuminating Cleanser, 6 oz Sin Renewing Peel Wash, Brightening Activator Serum. Products can be purchased individually as well. Or without the device and just the brush head.

Available at Nordstrom and Sephora


NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device

NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device on Belle Belle Beauty

I am always game to try out skin care devices. But I do admit I approach them with a bit of skepticism (the exception, of course, is my beloved Clarisonic). But I have found another device that I am totally sold on. It all started with this post on Into The Gloss. Designer Cedella Marley shares why she loves NuFace:

“NuFACE … is this little gadget that basically sends currents into your skin. At first I thought it was BS. You have to use it for years and years and years, and it actually lifts the skin. It really does it! I do the eyebrows, around the neckline, the laughing jowls, and the cheekbones.”

The NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device has been in my rotation for a month or so and I can already see how the gentle stimulation can improve appearance. The smaller version is perfect for beginners and I actually love it for travel. The device is clinically tested to improve contour, skin tone and wrinkles just by using 5 minutes a day. And it is FCA-cleared.

Are you in the market for a little lift? We are talking opening eyes, contouring the jawline and lifting eyebrows. Sign me up. The way the NuFACE improves skin is with microcurrent technology, often used in spas and medical offices. Microcurrent has been shown to stimulate ATP production, which drives the creation of key structural proteins, such as collagen and elastin. It can also energize facial muscles just like exercise, amping up the lifted appearance. The low-level current has zero pain and can provide immediate and cumulative effects. After just one treatment, my skin looked more radiant and plump. Microcurrent treatments are often even referred to as a “5 minute facial-lift”.

Using this little gem is easy breezy. Apply a NuFACE primer, included with the device. Follow directions by gliding the NuFACE over jowls, forehead and neck. Each glide is five seconds and each area requires three glides. The device will shut off automatically when your treatment is completed. Also included is a power adapter, manual and one-year warranty.

Founder, Carol Cole, was a pioneer in micro-currents using them beginning in 1985. She is a true beliver in beauty from the inside out, focusing on under and within the skin. In 2005, she launched NuFACE providing an at-home device that delivers micro-currents. The NuFACE has been recognized by top beauty and fashion editors from Vogue, InStyle, Elle, Self, Shape, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, and Redbook magazines. With its FDA clearance, you can’t beat NuFACE for proven at-home skin care treatment for lifting and improved tone – perfect for spa nights or just vegging on the couch!

Samples generously provided by Neiman Marcus as part of the Beauty Ambassador Program, but as always, opinions are my own.