PMD Personal Microderm Personal Microderm System

PMD Personal Microderm Personal Microderm System on Belle Belle Beauty

I fell in love with a version of microderm thanks to the amazing talents of a Mr. Gabriel Horn here in Tulsa. There was something about that manual exfoliation that just set skin aglow. But with the new work gig, it is hard to sneak away for facials. And just my luck, a similar tool is now available for at-home use. While I know it isn’t a professional level facial, I love it when I know I need a mid-week refresh.

PMD Personal Microderm Personal Microderm System combines an exfoliating disk with a unique vacuum that can literally suck up dead, dull skin and increase blood flow. This in turn helps stimulate collagen and elastin. Right now, radiant and glowing skin is all the rage (in fact, when is it not aside from the matte phase every now and then?) And this little tool really delivers.

Their patented spinning skin is covered with aluminum oxide crystals. Thanks to these gems, we can avoid all the issues with manual exfoliation. The vacuum suction pulls blood flow to the surface of skin to increase circulation – crucial for anti-aging efforts. This causes a healing process, boosting collagen and elastin.

I was a little concerned that a “professional-grade” tool would cause my skin to become red. But the system comes with three different types of disks, including a training white version so you can make sure you’re using the tool without side effects. Also included with the tool is a facial cap (designed to be used on the face) and cap that adapts the disk to a more active body-appropriate microderm. Last, there is a filter.

If you are like me and need an occasional at-home boost, consider adding this to your tool arsenal. They have done a great job with professional-like efficacy and safe at-home use. Not to mention glowing and exfoliated skin.

Samples generously provided by Neiman Marcus as part of the Beauty Ambassador Program. I consult for Neiman Marcus which is affiliated with the Neiman Marcus Group, but as always, opinions are my own.

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