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Radiant’s ‘Kiss Slavery Goodbye Lipstick’

Radiant's 'Kiss Slavery Goodbye Lipstick' // Belle Belle Beauty

Did you know January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month? Just like last year, Radiant Cosmetics is raising awarness with their ‘Kiss Slavery Goodbye Lipstick’ campaign. To show my support, I’ve been wearing Daphne and Moscow. Daphne is a creamy, shocking pink. Moscow is more of a wine-stain. Interested in helping? Here is how you can pitch in:

1. On top of the usual 20% of profits donated, every lipstick purchase during the month of January will be matched and we’ll donate one to a survivor or current victim of human trafficking.

2. Post a Picture – Print out and hold the #KissSlaveryGoodbye sign, wear your favorite Radiant Lipstick and take a picture.

3. Share the campaign via Social Media – Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

5. Change your Facebook and Twitter Cover – You can find these on Radiant’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Radiant Cosmetics Matte Winter Red Lipstick

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and, in my opinion, there is no better way to show your support than picking up a new lipstick. I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole, owner and founder of Radiant Cosmetics, back in December. The vision behind Radiant Cosmetics is to end human trafficking and, as of right now, Nicole and Radiant Cosmetics donate a minimum of 20% of profits from each purchase. This month they launched an initiative called “Kissing Slavery Goodbye” to create awareness.

Even better than supporting a worthy cause though makeup is when the makeup is truly fantastic to use.  I have been wearing the Matte Winter Red lipstick the past couple of weeks.  I reach for it far more than my old standbys: MAC Ruby Woo and Russian Red. It is a very cool and very deep red that manages to make my teeth look bright white. It has great staying power and a baby powder scent. The packaging is high quality and product is made in the USA. You can see the depth of pigment in the side-by-side images below.

Read Nicole’s amazing Story here or on radiantcosmetics.org:

For as long as I can remember I’ve been enamored with makeup. I grew up wanting to be a beauty editor at a fashion magazine. I pursued this goal, eventually finding myself in New York City working for a fashion house on 5th Avenue. I was living the dream, or so I thought. Inside I was miserable; something was missing.

After leaving New York City and graduating college I felt called overseas and wound up on a crazy year-long adventure, doing missions work with an organization called The World Race. 9 months into my journey I became friends with a prostitute in Thailand.

My heart broke for this woman. Walking Bangla Road, home to over 200 bars and countless women who’ve been trafficked or are trapped working in the commercial sex industry (which feeds the beast of trafficking) to provide for their families, I felt alive. Like I belonged. I was filled with an overwhelming sense that something had to be done and I was going to do it. A vision began to form.

I was given a new dream; to run a makeup company that partners with human trafficking organizations financially as well as getting people involved in their own communities physically. Especially in the United States, where trafficking happens in our own backyard.

The cosmetics industry generates $170 billion annually. Women dominate this industry and of the over 2 million human beings trafficked each year, 80% are women and girls. My dream is to awaken a generation of women to not sit back and allow this injustice to happen to our fellow sisters.

My dream is to set the captives free, one lipstick at a time.