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Susan Posnick Cosmetics COLORDUO Lip Pencil

If anyone knows about makeup, it is the artists that use product every day… all day. So no wonder Susan Posnick, former celebrity makeup artist, has come up with such innovative and high-quality cosmetics. Inspired by a battle against skin cancer, Susan developed a makeup line that focuses on substantial sun protection. It began with COLORFLO mineral foundation and expanded to a full line.

The last couple of weeks, I have been test driving COLORDUO. I wasn’t sure how I would feel – I usually find lip pencils drying on my already dry lips. I feel like I need something more nourishing to heal while giving color. Well… color me suprised. This pencil actual WAS hydrating. I liked now I could nimbly color in my lips with the ultra-creamy formula.

And herein lies the real brillance – the two sided pencil has a pinky brown Nude and matte red Rouge. The packaging is simple and slim, yet provides options. I can see keeping this in your purse, at work or in a gym bag for on the go lip color options.

I found Susan Posnick at APOTHIA at Fred Segal Melrose. You can also find her products now on Coterie. The first 50 orders get a free mascara with the code “FIRST50”.

YSL Dessin du Regard Long-Lasting Waterproof Eye Pencil

A pencil that looks like liquid? I am in! I have two colors of this powerhouse liner and have been really pleased, especially on these hot summer days. What really shines about this product are the colors. I always love a deeply inky black, but have fallen hard for the Ultramarine.  Although they call it aqua, I think it has a hint of navy or true blue.  It really does look neutral on my eyes, but just adds that slight bit of unexpected.  In some ways, it adds a subtle sparkle and shimmer.

Because these are such soft pencils, all it takes for a beautiful application is a quick sketch of a line. The application does mimic liquid, with a deep, very pigmented look. However, you can’t get that really fine line that is possible with a liquid eyeliner, so don’t recommend it for lower lids because it ends up looking rather thick (unless you are up for a deeply smokey eye). I think the staying power is great. I do find some migration below my eye on those really long nights, but for a pigment, I think its worth the trade off.

  • 1 Black Ink (inky black)       
  • 2 Patent Leather (deep brown)
  • 3 Ultramarine (fresh aqua blue)
  • 5 Shimmering Burgundy (plum brown)
  • 6 Amazon Green (rich blue green)

tarte EmphasEYES™ High Definition Eye Pencil

I really like the “tight line” look of eyeliner I learned back in high school.  I was on a search for a tool to achieve this look in pencil form.  An artist confidently pointed me to  EmphasEYES as something that would have staying power when you apply the “tight line” close to your lashes.  But this failed in almost every respect.  The applicator delivered a very wide line after just one use.  There was zero staying power.  No matter what look you are trying to achieve, the delicate and thin pencil makes it hard to apply. So far I have yet to find a pencil to get this look so I am sticking with my gel liner or wet powder.

NYX Slim Eye Pencil

Now I can see why this is so popular.  I am just, just trying out this line of makeup.  I guess better late to the party than to never arrive at all.  First: $3.49. Yep, that’s right.  Second: thanks to coconut oils, this pencil goes on really smooth.  It comes in loads of shades, including tons of neutrals:

Dark Brown
Light Brown
Medium Brown

The pencil has great staying power.  At this price, you can afford to throw one in your purse, just in case.  What a find!

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Hi, my name is Belle and I am addicted to eyeliner.  Not in that goopy, thick application way.  More like I can’t stop buying it in the hopes that it just might be better than anything I have tried before.  I did rejoice when I tried MUFE Aqua Liner last month.  I still use it and still love it.  But over the holidays I could help but try 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Ransom (bright iridescent purple).  Didn’t hurt that these liners are flying off the shelves and many colors are out of stock online.  It had to be good.  And it was.  I am not adventurous when it comes to liner colors, but this purple was subtle and gave a glow.  It also made my hazel eyes look more green.  The pencil is smooth and creamy but the pigment stayed on throughout the day.