YSL Dessin du Regard Long-Lasting Waterproof Eye Pencil

A pencil that looks like liquid? I am in! I have two colors of this powerhouse liner and have been really pleased, especially on these hot summer days. What really shines about this product are the colors. I always love a deeply inky black, but have fallen hard for the Ultramarine.  Although they call it aqua, I think it has a hint of navy or true blue.  It really does look neutral on my eyes, but just adds that slight bit of unexpected.  In some ways, it adds a subtle sparkle and shimmer.

Because these are such soft pencils, all it takes for a beautiful application is a quick sketch of a line. The application does mimic liquid, with a deep, very pigmented look. However, you can’t get that really fine line that is possible with a liquid eyeliner, so don’t recommend it for lower lids because it ends up looking rather thick (unless you are up for a deeply smokey eye). I think the staying power is great. I do find some migration below my eye on those really long nights, but for a pigment, I think its worth the trade off.

  • 1 Black Ink (inky black)       
  • 2 Patent Leather (deep brown)
  • 3 Ultramarine (fresh aqua blue)
  • 5 Shimmering Burgundy (plum brown)
  • 6 Amazon Green (rich blue green)

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