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Bare Escentuals® Mineral Veil SPF 25

Sparkle dust? I don’t get it. This finishing powder is designed to give a flawless finish with added UVA/UVB protection, oil absorption and a softer complexion.  Honestly, this makes me look like I just got out an 18-and-over club.  The shimmer is dramatic for day and it isn’t really a look I would choose for evening.  The formula promises to be weightless, but it actually settles sticky on my face.  While I like the bareMinerals Foundation, this added step tarnishes the natural finish mineral makeup provides.

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder

Okay, I am shy about blush.  With my fair skin, it just seems like it was so obvious and artificial on me.  So I had been opting for a one-tone finish on my face.  That was until Celia at the Bobbi Brown counter got a hold of me.  When I saw the compact, I thought “wow, that looks pink, but I really like the name ‘Antigua’”. So I let her have her way with my cheeks.  This came out as illuminating, duh, but authentic.  It was sheer but gave emphasis on my cheekbones.  It was easy to use and after I learned that I didn’t need loads of the product on my brush, I have become proficient.  I love it so much, it goes with me everywhere now.

Available colors: Antigua (light pink – below), Maui (pink coral), Bali Brown (gold), Aruba (light gold), Bahama (deep gold), Barbados (warm deep gold).

NARS Orgasm Illuminator

Hopes were high – NARS Orgasm is supposed to be the best color ever, right? This just made me look, well…. like I was perspiring … a lot.  I couldn’t get the illuminator to incorporate with my overall look.  It just didn’t want to blend.  And it went above and beyond “dewy”.  Plus, this famous color just looked wrong on me.  I have fair skin with freckles and some age spots – unfortunately.  The product made me look like I had told an inappropriate joke or had too much wine too quick.  And I was sweating…

LORAC Perfectly Lit Oil-Free Luminizing Powder

Okay, I admit when I saw this product, I thought it was eyeshadow!  Because I tend to only use a base eyeshadow and great liner, I went ahead and put the Spotlight shade all over my lids.  To my glee, it look fabulous!  It actually stayed on the whole night and I got compliments from my friends on my eye makeup.  But next time around, I did use the product as directed. It did brighten and even my complexion, and the result was a shimmery glow.  I would use it, in this way, for special occasions.  My fortunate accident, although, led me to a new favorite “eyeshadow”.